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Authors of Workplace Bullying Book End Up Bullying Each Other


Authors of workplace bullying book end up bullying each other. Whether the allegations in this particular circumstance are true or false, people in professional settings have as many bullying issues as the rest of the world. It is interesting how people with a vast understanding on the subject of bullying end up bullying one another. This clearly shows how easy it is to pick on anyone considered weaker or in less of a position to counter cruelty. Too often in professional situations, one person or group wants to dominate the other. It turns into a one person or group showing very little respect for people considered to have less importance in a business.

When strangers or co-workers are not cordial to one another, a bullying situation can easily occur. Dictating how things will go instead of having a mutual agreement can easily turn into bullying. Authors of workplace bullying book end up bullying each other. Prominent people accusing one another of bullying are not very positive examples on the subject. This creates doubt as to hope being possible for others if these two professionals cannot control their behavior.

These two professionals are mudslinging at a special level. No matter how educated, it sounds like mudslinging at its best. The argument, threats and accusations sound very much like a political campaign gone wrong. The opponent that sounds the most credible wins and neither is going to let go.

Perhaps this debate will get worse, because the credibility of both people is at stake. This is a battle no one will win, but they may both enjoy the fight. It sounds as if these once friends now rivals have stockpiled and excelled in the art of bullying and now are demonstrating their skills to the world, saying, I am the best at what I do.

Because they are both well known and both competent people the battle will be interesting but not because anyone really wants to know who is telling the truth, but because the curiosity is how far will these experts of the game of bullying go. Clearly, they both mean to win.

Missing the deadline for the book was not good but that was a book, an inanimate object. There is one victim between the two, Coloroso, but this person being bullied took off her gloves and bullied back. They may both be enjoying the competition. Meanwhile a relationship is going down the tube. A prime rule of bullying in the workplace; publicly humiliate your opponent. These two have that rule down pat. Sadly, when the fight is over they will miss the interesting intellect they bring to one another. The friend was wise to introduce them. What chemistry.

With Faas having a book online with more than a few discrepancies, shows Coloroso had a point. Barbara Coloroso seems to have bullied her on the job. This executive bully knows how to bully without appearing to bully. Of course, this is how the game is played. Faas had a right to want the agreement kept but did not have the right to badger the other party. Colorosa found problems. She refused to place he name on a document that was not representative of her writing and perhaps he set out to make her pay. Pay for what? Not writing the book with him, or for not doing what he said? Is that not the classic action of a bully? She had no choice but to counter sue. She had no choice but to defend herself. Was she to do what most people being bullied succumb to? Being the victim?

Here you actually have an educator and a writer on one side and a Businessman on the other. A very wealthy businessman who no doubt is accustomed to getting what he wants and is perhaps a bit of a bully, or simply accustomed to having people do whatever he tells them.

Now, the educator a writer by trade was perhaps not as anxious to get the book out or maybe the attention or glory as the Businessman was. This obviously irritated the Businessman. He is successful and clearly believes time is money, and could not understand what the problem was. The natural writer no doubt, had little trouble putting down the words and maybe was not in that, writing mood, which the businessman might not understand. In his need to get his point across, perhaps the bullying started or his struggle to control the situation as he no doubt does in his business dealings.

The public is watching a great example going down the drain and perhaps wondering where to begin again. A book was to be written by the experts. The credibility of one is in questioned and the reliability of the other is in question. Both these people have been proven human. If they could put aside their differences and write a book that would be something to read but trust is a weak bridge once broken?

Pass the story of this workplace bullying book scandal so that others may benefit from it. 


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