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Asylum without Safety: Bullying in Lebanon and the Refugee Crisis

The causes and effects of major issues like bullying are always subject to many cultural-specific factors. In a country like Lebanon, where cities may constitute of inhabitants from different religious sects and a variety of nationalities, including Syrian and Palestinian refugees, the conflicts between the adults can find their way to the school environment. Intolerance

Bullying in Singapore: Between the Classroom and the Office

 Bullying is defined by a repetitive harmful behavior that targets a particular person with the intention of intimidating them or causing physical or psychological damage. The act can be performed by a single person or a group, and in school campus, online, or even in the workplace. There are many media that bullies abuse to

Bullying Claims the Life of an 11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

As a very young child, merely 3 years of age, Bethany Thompson has been diagnosed with brain cancer, what must have been devastating news for the family. But they have all battled through radiation therapy, and, in 2008, the child has been proclaimed a cancer survivor and cancer-free. She has overcome the worst that could ever

Bullying in South Korea: The Why and the How

As well known, bullying is a major problem around the world, one with consequences far greater than the bullies can understand. Affecting younger kids and teens alike, the abuse can leave not only physical but also emotional and psychological scars. The terminology and tactics of bullying in South Korea might be a little different from

Bullying in Saudi Arabia: A Cultural Overview

Bullying is a worldwide issue that our classrooms are infested with. Since the phenomenon depends on various cultural and social factors, the numbers and the percentages tend to differ from one country to another. Statistics have a lot to say, but they don’t always draw the most accurate of pictures. In this article we will

Twelve-Year-Old Girl Beaten Down for Standing Up to Bullies

A young girl was beaten severely until losing consciousness; she was first taunted for wearing the “wrong trainers” and then beaten down for standing up to bullies.  July 23rd, Ivanhoe College in Coalville, Leicestershire. Kattie Morris, a 12-year old student, was confronted by a group of school girls. It wasn’t the first time. They have verbally and

Words Hurt: Young Teen Cyberbullied to Death

Early this July, Zoe Johnson committed suicide. She was 13, a 7th grader at Kenowa Hills Middle School. And she was probably cyberbullied to death.   

Boy Stands Up to YouTube Bullies and Gets a White House Invitation

A young man stands up to YouTube bullies and ends up with an invitation to the white house.  Logan Fairbanks is a normal 11-year old who occasionally makes funny videos with his father for his YouTube channel. Knowing that the YouTube crown can often be a tad (or very) cruel, the father tried the monitor

You Look Disgusting: Beauty Blogger Campaigns against Bullying

A beauty blogger sends a  powerful message to cyberbullies with a strong before-vs-after make up video launching the You Look Disgusting campaign.  Em Ford, currently a beauty blogger, is a former model who looks absolutely beautiful but has been struggling with acne for years. Recently she has posted pictures of herself make-up free in tutorials

Fifth Graders Against Bullying

A group of very admirable fifth graders, in Mankato, Minnesota, chose to stand against bullying and teach the rest of us a valuable lesson.    James Wallmart was the target of bullying at his 5th grade class in Franklin Elementary School. James has a learning disability that makes his educational process a little more challenging than