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Big Parent Watching: The Computer Monitoring Scheme

Do you know what your kids are doing on the computer? Most parents don’t, believe it or not. They trust their kids and believe they are as innocent as the day is long. In fact, their kids are just like them, curiously learning, and constantly trying new things, even those that are supposed to be

What to Do When Feeling Nauseated

What is nausea? When people feel nauseated, it means they feel as if they’re about to vomit. Along with the urge to throw up, they also might have other symptoms including an excessive amount of saliva in their mouth, flushing and breaking out in a sweat. Some people even feel like their heart is racing

Understanding Self Concept

Everyone has a self concept, but if it is negative, it is not doing you any good. In fact, it is probably holding you back in many areas of your life and preventing you from making any progress. A self concept consists of all the snapshots or self-schemas of an individual’s past, present, and future,

Can You Be Safe Online for Real?

At its core, the Internet can be a very wonderful resource to people. It can give you the ability to find information you are looking for, keep in touch with others, be connected with the world, and so many other things. However, there are many horror stories about safety online. Many believe that if you

Getting Involved with Online Social Networks

Are you interested in exploring the wide world of online social networks?  Do you have specific interests that you’d like to explore with others?  Well, have no fear – these days there are opportunities for social networking on almost every subject you can imagine. Social Network Definition On some social networks, you can chat about

School Ratings: Should You Research Them?

With so much focus on education reform in the media lately, a lot of attention has been given to the topic of school ratings. Many people are surprised to learn that these ratings are actually a mixture of several different formulas and schemes that evaluate different criteria. Furthermore, while schools have been evaluated in different

Understanding Internet Terrorism Today

Most people associate terrorism and the Internet as attacks on computers and systems, whether to disrupt government, business, or personal computers in order to steal information, disable or alter usage, or to plant viruses. There is another association with Internet terrorism, to cause fear or harass other people or business. In other words: online bullying.

How to Motivate Yourself: The Secret Recipe

We, humans, are moody creatures. We can have our days of utter productivity, and then we can fall into the slumber of dullness and the lack of motivation. New opportunities are always exciting. Watch yourself as you start a new job or at the beginning of the school year. You’ll probably be so lively and

Are You Exhausted?

Exhaustion is a form of physical or mental fatigue that can be triggered by such factors as stress, overwork, medication, or mental or physical disease. Are you exhausted? Medical fatigue is a type of tiredness or exhausted feelings that goes beyond every day complications. This condition is more prolonged and serious. It is characterized by a lack

What Is Munchausen Syndrome?

Munchausen syndrome was named after Baron von Munchausen: a German officer in the 18th century who was well-known for embellishing stories about his life experiences. Munchausen syndrome is a type of factitious disorders. Someone who has been diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome repeatedly acts as though they have a physical or mental disorder, when in reality,