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Cyber Bullying Awareness: Puerto Rico Tops Google Searches

We are very passionate about everything related to Cyber Bullying, which is why we keep a very close eye on Google Searches for the term “CyberBullying”.  And because 2013 is nearing its end and it is time to locate and gather numbers related to Cyber Bullying Statistics 2014, we resorted to Google to understand what

Cyber Bullying in the Philippines 4th in Most Searches WorldWide

According to Google Trends, the fourth highest searching country worldwide for Cyber bullying is the Philippines. According to the report mentioned here, the term was searched for extensively all through 2013, this goes to show how Cyber Bullying in the Philippines in becoming an issue It may be due to the fact that the anti bullying

The UK Charity Movement

There are thousands of charities located throughout the United Kingdom. With so many different charities out there, it is possible to always find a charity that works for you. According to The Guardian, this is a list of some of the top charities in the UK, based on donations. The Top charities The top 2 charities

Australia’s National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Last week, on Friday 21st March 2014, Australia marked the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This is the third year when Australian schools and government entities come together to focus on teaching the students on how to say “Bullying. No Way!” and to “strengthen their existing everyday messages that bullying and violence

Parents Who Are Aware Can Help Stop Bullying

How to Stop Bullying in Australia  Chloe’s Story Perhaps the best known face of the newly emerging support and awareness campaigns and anti bullying slogans in Australia is 15-year-old Chloe Elizabeth Fergusson. Chloe’s December, 2013 death sparked an outcry and made many more people aware of the prevalence of bullying in Australia. Her case created

Volunteering in the United Kingdom

Volunteering is one of the best things you can do. It can be a rewarding experience. While some of the volunteering England offers is designed for people with specific skill sets, such as a doctor or dentist, even teens can take the time to volunteer. This can help to fulfill requirements for programs that your

The Deal with Religion in Schools

When it comes to public schools there are a few different things that any parent, student, and teacher may come in contact with. Religion is one topic that is often avoided in schools and to better understand why that is, it is important to understand the history of separation of school and religion and a

The Brilliant Work of Think You Know

Children between the ages of 5 and 14. It also provides resources and information for parents, caregivers, teachers, trainers and anyone else in connection with the educational system. The site – and all matter pertaining to it – was founded in 2007 by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. The goal and mission of

The Amazing Work of Barnardos in The UK

Barnardos is one of the biggest children’s charities in the U.K. Thomas Barnardo began the charity to help vulnerable children throughout the country and to make sure that every vulnerable child who needed help got it. In 1866 he set out to study at Whitechapel’s London Hospital in order to become a doctor. When doctor

#EnoughIsEnough: The NoBullying Campaign

We are made of stories. Our experiences, the good, the bad, the boring, and the painful, are what make us who we are. We are each a collection of  many stories, depicting every event, every accident, every victory, and every lesson of our life. Whether we like it or not, bullying plays a big role