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Australia Reported to be Number 1 in Cyber Bullying in 2012

Cyber bullying is moving across the globe. It is a problem in every country but Australia is reported to be number 1 in cyber bullying. In the age of bullying every game and television shows seems to promote the extreme and if you are not perceived a bully you are trampled in the rush to the finish line. Cyber Space is not real it is a game where the consequences are not real but the people playing the game are real and for those who have the capacity to take a game to a real level it becomes bullying. Insults are thrown, false accusations are made and gossip is spread. This is society’s creation and only the social norm can stop cyber bullying in Australia.

Cyber bullying in Australia has a lot to do with age and income. The average age in Australia is around 37 years old and the income rates near the amount of $80,000 dollars per year. This leaves lots of room for electronic devices and young people to spend time on the computer. It is seriously easy to tell a person to bug off if you are not looking at them in person. If there was a personal meeting, you might think of a better choice.

People take embarrassing photos and send them around the world, text messages go viral and people make up fake accounts and imitate you. On the Web, you can take on any form and people often do. People disburse gossip and people love to listen. You can only imagine how celebrities feel. Site managers have developed methods for blocking, logging off and choosing your friends but this is little consolation when someone gains access to your accounts and changes your password.

Cyber Space is very much like giving a stranger the keys to your house and hoping they do not go in. Australia is filled with young minds and young people enjoy the challenge of the Web no matter what the risk. Each peer group wants to be a part. Kids are harsh and to bully because it does not seem real bullying goes on. Most people until it is proven to them that there are real consequences activity, consequences do not exist. It could be Australia has no consequences. It is difficult for a rich man to understand hunger even if he misses a meal by choice. Until consequences become a reality, any group with access to Cyber Space will continue bullying.

Games are played that encourage carjacking and stealing and the game offers rewards each time it is done. These games are on social media sites and they are very popular. In Cyber Space cyber, bullying is a game. It hurts people but that is the culture. It is up to society to change the culture. There is a reason bullying is epidemic, it is approved by the society. Video games are becoming more realistic and they are violent. Every child has access rich or poor. It is said you are what you eat and you become what you are exposed to. Some will say this is not true. If you never pick up a dictionary, how wide is your vocabulary.

Young people around the world are competitive. They work to reach the level of the best and this ranks in cruelty. However, cruelty is a game. There is the problem of being narcotized; a noise can happen so much it goes unnoticed. Perhaps, this is the problem with bullying in Australia and the rest of the world. Stereotypes are only broken by exposure. This is also true of bullying.

As in the world at large, the Web is a dangerous place for sensitive people. The Bullied must learn to first not allow their countenance to be shaken and secondly to have a defense. Experts on bullying know confidence is a key piece in stopping bullying. Privacy is out of the window. Kids go to school and every movement you make is on video. Phones touch together and the information has gone viral.

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