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Stories and Articles on Bullying

Articles and Stories on Bullying

There are numerous articles about bullying that are printed each year. This is a tragedy. The many lives thrown into instability after bullying has occurred are forever damaged. This knowledge should cause more and more to start a resistance against bullying. Whether it is resisting bullies or resisting becoming one. Articles on bullying try to show people that bullying is a major issue in society. Many articles provide tips on how to help bullying victims deal with the stress from being bullied. This is slowly working to help stop bullying mayhem.

Articles on Bullying

Articles on bullying fill the minds of people who have faced the problem of bullying and of those who have witnessed, mentally challenged people who are teased and taunted daily. Gay youngsters are called names, bullied because they are not what the world believes they should be. There are many colorful people in the world and some are bothered because of a refusal to accommodate the attitudes of the masses.

Articles on Bullying: Stories of Job Bullying

People from other countries work many jobs. Because a large majority speaks little or no English they are yelled at and ordered about the way no natural born citizen would be. In some instances pay is not given fairly. Occasionally they do jobs and are not paid at all. The forms of bullying can be verbal or physical. This does not always result in zeros injury but the mental scarring is forever.

Work place bullies make it hard to work in an environment that is free of stress. Some articles on bullying describe how work place bullies make it inconvenient to work or relax. Other coworkers often feel this tense environment and are also stressed from this. Adults too are victims of bullies but some are ignored and bullying is not done illegally than nothing is solved. Forms of bullying that are illegal are harassment, threats and more. Bullying at a work place is a horrible thing to experience and can effect results of income.

Cyber bullying

Cyber is a popular method of bullying often found in some articles. Cyber bullying is done in various ways such as hacking, harsh words and more. This is stopped by those who are moderators on websites watching for this type of behavior; this is a step against bullying. Although moderators are on some websites Cyber bullying damage is still being read in articles describing how it has done someone damage. Another form of a cyber-bullying article is email harassment.

There are articles about another form of cyber bullying called hacking. Hacking leaves victims feeling helpless and must be prevented. There are security systems that offer protection but some cannot prevent all malware from destroying computers and ruin lives. There are a various amount of stories about social media bullying. Social media bullying is done many different websites and some try to prevent this from occurring. Articles speak about social media bullying and how preventing it can prevent trouble from occurring.

Articles on Bullying: Bullying at schools

Bullying often occurs at school or work. There are numerous types of school bullies that equally make being at school uncomfortable. Schools are known for bullies and this is inconvenient. Often ignored students are being inconveniently disturbed by bullies. This causes students to be emotionally disturbed and effects grades and more. Principles of schools try to stop bullying but some do not get stopped. School bullying often grows into problems emotionally and physically for bullies and those being bullied. Therapist help school bullying situations but some get out of hand.

There are numerous articles about bullying getting to critical point. Some victims become start doing physical damage to themselves or bullies do this task for them. This is very bad for victims and bullies because some get hurt. Articles are trying to end this tragedy by describing ways to stop it.


Some articles provide safety tips. This is crucial when trying to prevent bullying. Making sure that neither bully nor those who are being bullied safety is not in danger is of great importance. There are many articles that show results not from not taking precautions when dealing with bullying. There are articles that discuss issues about bullying and how to get those being bullied to admit that someone is bullying them. This is a major help when trying to put bullying to an end.

Making sure safety is not in danger is important when it comes to stopping bullying. Articles discuss how bullying endangers bullies and victims safety and how to make sure that victims and bullies do not get harmed in inconvenient situation.


Preventing bullying is just as crucial as stopping it. Numerous articles talk about bully prevention and how this is done. These articles are both helpful when trying to avoid bullying whether at school, work place, online or any other location. Prevention of bullying is a step toward recovery for bully victims. Bully prevention articles have already helped many coups with bullying mayhem. This has done a wonderful job of helping stop bullying. Bullying is slowly being relinquished with help of articles on bullying.

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