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Articles about bullying

There are many articles about bullying and there are many types of bullying. This is an age old problem but for the last few years it has either grown in magnitude or attention to it has increased. No one is really sure but one thing is certain, bullying is a huge problem in today’s world.

Articles about Bullying, An Example

An example of Articles about Bullying is this title: State Island Teen commits suicide after being bullied. This is now not uncommon. People many times very young do not have the social skills to handle bullying. A person should never have to deal with bullying but as long as there are people it seems as if that is how it will be. The young lady in Staten, Island seemed to be Okay according to her friends but she perhaps had been bullied one too many times. Young people are often tender inside and have not developed the tough skin experience is said to give you.

The reason for her demise did not come as a surprise from friends. They knew, perhaps they felt helpless to help or felt she should have been tough enough to stand up for herself. But, clearly she was not. Sitting along the station platform waiting for the train to come no one could have known that she had given up. It seemed to be a normal day for friends. Someone had mocked her clothing, her hair, where she lived. But this happened all the time perhaps nothing new. Everyone laughed and moved on. This young lady got upset but seemed to calm down. Perhaps it was a look of resolution thy saw; when a person has let go.

Articles About Bullying, Another Example

The people who bullied may or may not have taken responsibility for their part in pushing her over the edge of the cliff. The usual answer is” she was dumb or it was only a joke but the young lady is gone so apparently it was not a joke to her. How many kids have dropped out of school, ran away or stopped trying because of bullying. There are no real statistics. Is the subject so important now because so many people have graduated from school grown up and found the strength of face their bullies through positive actions, better late than never; perhaps? Stand up for someone else if not yourself. In this case, perhaps only the conscious will make a person stop bullying in this young ladies neighborhood. The memory of what harsh words might have caused.

Most people encounter some harsh words but being battered is equitable to other forms of abuse. Bullying is simply one that remains unprotected under the law. A form of bullying is protected, violations of criminal law” but hard to prove. The bullying that creates the silent resolutions might go on for years creating a weight that is too much for the bullied person. The young lady in Staten, Island; what were her signs? Instability, mental trauma, maybe she felt there was no real support system. Whether or not these things were true, they hold possibilities for many bullied people.

Articles About Bullying: Normal Behavior

In one of the Articles about Bullying is this Title: Boy attacked in Darby Township, Pa, he suffered a seizure and died. Young girl dies after being harassed and seduced online; according to her description. These are becoming typical stories they are no longer unusual and unfortunately, the victim is sometimes blamed. Society accuses the victim of setting the environment for the problem. People who get bullied are approached by others while they are minding their own business. Almost everyone has witnessed these actions or even been a victim themselves. However some have the confidence to see bullying for what it is, control. Bullying is the need to control another human being. These people clearly have a lack of control over themselves. People bullied are usually the less intimidating. They are easier to react or they have a clear lack of defense. They are considered weaker by their attackers, financially, socially, and physically. Bullies do not approach strength.

Millions of books and movies are written and in many an instance of bullying will be found. Poor people, women, small children are often victims of this activity. Physically challenged boys, mentally handicapped and elderly people are also added to this unfortunate group, basically anyone without protection. The taking of lunch money or paying for protection goes on in schools every day. Kids knowing whose’ parents give them money and which ones are weak enough to give it to them without effort is sadly an ongoing activity. Children and young adults live this” what they consider shame” every day, hiding it, afraid to get help.

Articles About Bullying: When is it Considered Bullying?

Some do not consider the joking bullying but when does it become bullying? The world has a different opinion and some do not consider it bullying until it is too late. People succumbing to bullying are considered “Cry Baby’s” and their plight is pretty much ignored until bodily harm is inflicted. However it would seem most of the time it is the mind that is battered and far harder to repair. Who is to say a life of crime may have been averted if it were not for bullying. Young people have been known to quit school behind bullying.

People have their homes entered into forcibly and are bullied. This is an extreme form protected by law but bullying never the less. Childhood bullying may mutate into further crimes upon society so society may be better off curtailing the behavior early.

Stopping bullying is an important task. This is a hard element to alleviate alone but even little things like standing up for bullied people makes a difference. Some people do try to affect the outcome of bullying by changing the subject of the conversation when others are being harassed but many are fearful if the bully is persistent, so they move out of the circumstance, fearful the activity will be directed at them. Knowing the reason bullies bully is a beginning to stopping it. First people must understand this behavior has nothing to do with them. The bully is the person with the problem.

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