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Are You Being Bullied?

How Many Kids Get Bullied A Year

Are You Being Bullied ?The Experiences of a Bullying Victim and Effects of Bullying

Bullying is such a devastating experience that virtually no one looks forward to. Whether it is workplace bullying, cyber bullying, or the one in educational institutions, it has long term effects. A bullying victim suffers dearly out of the most dreaded consequences that sometimes last throughout their entire lifetime. If not taken care of in good time, bullying can cause the victim to commit suicide. For this reason, it is important for parents to know the signs and symptoms that point to victims of bullying.

Are You Being Bullied ?: How to Identify the Bullying Victim

The difference between being a bully in one situation and a victim in another. For instance, a child can be a victim of bullying while at home ,while in school or at the workplace the same person is the bully. This makes it difficult to have a clear cut distinction between the two. It happens as a way of making up or compensating for lost glory. If your child cannot find anyone to bully at home, they will tend to find alternatives at school to cater for the gap created at home

A husband who is bullied by the wife while at home may exhibit bully characteristics while at the workplace as a way of compensating for the condition that usually prevails while at home. It may also be as a result of a change in conditions such as time or status. A child who has been a victim may turn out to be a bully in their adolescence or an employee who has received a promotion may develop bully characteristics to take care of the times they were being bullied while occupying the low status. Whether one is a bully or just a victim, the consequences are both undesirable, thus the act should be condemned in the best manner possible.

The following are indicators that your child is a bullying victim:

Are You Being Bullied ?  Evidence of Unexplainable Injuries

For those who have children, if your child comes home with strange injuries, find out their origin. They may just be as a result of bullying. You can easily tell especially if the victim is not willing to explain what transpired before acquiring the injuries.

Bullying Victim Alert: Absenteeism

For workplace bullying, victims tend to avoid going to work whenever such a chance arises. If your son, spouse, coworker, or boss is always seeking excuses to stay away from work, this is an indicator of being a victim of bullying. For children, they often find reasons not to attend school. Whenever they lack such reasons, they want to go when it is too late. As a good parent, you need to find out if the bullying could be from teachers or fellow students and help them come out of it.

Are You Being Bullied ? : Lack of Interest in Specific Activities

Victims of workplace bullying tend to avoid circumstances that will expose them to potential bullies. They tend to look for ways to avoid certain responsibilities and assignments while at work. This may affect the work output thus should be prevented before it is too late. As for school going children, they lose interest in the entire learning process.

Are You Being Bullied ? : Feeling Withdrawn, Anxious And Helpless

This applies to all kinds of bullying, including Other symptoms include experiencing mood swings and frequent emotional outbursts.

Are You Being Bullied ? : Frequent Loses

These may include material things like books, pens, clothing and other belongings in the case of school going children. Memory losses as a result of highly preoccupied minds are also symptoms of bullying. These and many more symptoms need to be monitored and appropriate measures taken before the condition gets worse. Bullying has both long term and short term effects. Some of them are given below.

Are You Being Bullied ?: Low Self Esteem

Failure to attend to victims of bullying may lead to a permanent state of low self esteem. Their self esteem wears out every time they fall victim of this practice. This applies to all ages, including children and adults.


The feeling of withdrawal, self helplessness, anxiety and being moody may at the end cause the victim to become depressed. Depending on the severity of the depressive symptoms the victim is likely to suffer both mentally and physically. Loss of weight and mental disorders are some symptoms of a depressed person.


From a distance, it is quite difficult for one to imagine the consequences of bullying. If the bullied person fails to get proper attention, they may end up committing suicide or die as a result of cruel bullying. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to try and curb bullying using all the available resources.

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