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Are Online Schools the Solution to Bullying?

Are Online Schools the Solution to Bullying

Many parents and grandparents who are at a loss as to how to deal with school bullies are opting to instead pull their children from traditional school settings and enroll them in online (aka virtual) schools. These Online schools are usually have a reasonable tuition rate and many provide the same level of education (or an even higher level) than public schools.

Having school at home instead of in a school building spares children and teenagers from having to face serial bullies who may be verbally or physically harassing them. It also eliminates a great deal of online bullying, as young people have more control over their circle of friends and do not have to spend time with peers who engage in social bullying.

Online schools certainly have their advantages and many children who study in a virtual environment are able to get a good education without having to deal with bullying and/or other problems at school. In fact, parents who are not able to find a nearby school that has a strict anti-bullying policy may not want to wait until their children are bullied before considering enrollment in an online or virtual school. At the same time, it is important to note that such schools are not in themselves a complete solution to the bully problem. Children and teenagers who study online have faced online bullying, albeit although to a much lesser degree than public or private school students. Additionally, studying online will not prevent your child from bullied by neighborhood bullies or former school bullies who have access to a child’s phone number and/or social media account.

Online Schools : Solving the Bully Problem

Every child needs to be given a strong moral foundation. It is important for kids to learn principles such as kindness, generosity and tolerance from an early age. Only a strong moral foundation will prevent children from bullying others.

Children should also be taught how to respond to any type of bullying. Physical aggression should be immediately reported to parents; parents in turn should report this behavior to a child’s teacher, school principal and, when appropriate, to the local police department. Parents should also encourage children to report any type of social bullying. Schools and law enforcement officials are often unwilling or unable to put a stop to this type of bullying, but parents can take the matter up with other parents and/or school administration officials.

Tips for Parents Considering Online Schools

It is very important for parents to note that not all online schools are the same; some are better than others in that they either have a higher educational standard, a stricter anti-bullying policy or both. Those who are considering pulling their children from a public or private school and enrolling them in a virtual one should do careful research before choosing a virtual school.

It is also important to talk to a child before pulling him or her from a regular school environment. Older children deserve to have a say regarding they type of school environment they study in. Parents will also want to monitor a child’s educational progress as he or she studies over the internet and intervene if the child is not doing well in a particular subject.

An alternative to studying online is home schooling. Many parents of bullying victims have found this to be a good alternative to online schooling, as it gives parents full control over a child’s educational input. Home schooling networks make it easy for children to make friends with home-schooled peers. Even so, the possibility of social and other forms of bullying still exist, so parents will need to monitor how a child’s interaction with others is going and step in if the child is being harassed physically or verbally.

Online Schools  are a very good alternative to consider if your child or teenager is being verbally or physically bullied in a traditional school setting. Virtual schools make it easy for kids to study without having to worry about being teased, harassed or getting beat up. However, it is important for parents to realize that Online Schools  are not the full solution to the bully problem. Children need to be taught the importance of respect and tolerance at an early age and parents still need to monitor a child’s interactions with peers to ensure that the child or teenager is not being bullied (or bullying others) via the internet.

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