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Are Horoscopes Real Or Wishful Thinking?

Let’s find an answer for this question: Are Horoscopes Real? 

The newspaper prints horoscopes daily. There are thousands of books written yearly about horoscopes. There are even marketing techniques for people to phone in and receive their daily horoscopes. There have been many people throughout history that lead us to believe they can tell the future by telling us our horoscopes. Just how real are they? Do people really believe that horoscopes will tell them what will happen each day for them, based on their birth sign, sun sign and rising sign? Are they just words that our minds use to make ourselves behave a certain way each day, and do certain things so that the next day we can say that our horoscope came true?

Horoscopes are listed by Zodiac Signs. The Zodiac is descripted as twelve constellations in the heavens. These constellations are seen as “pictures” of different animals or objects. Many people ask, “What is my zodiac sign?” These signs and their corresponding dates are as follows

Aquarius January 20 through February 18, the symbol is a jug of water being poured out.

Pisces February 19 through March 20, the symbol is two fish, facing opposite directions formed in a circle.

Aries March 21 through April 19, the symbol of Aries is the Ram head.

Taurus April 20 through May 20, the symbol is known as a bull.

Gemini May 21 through June 20, the symbol for this zodiac sign is a set of twins.

Cancer June 21 through July 22, the symbol is the Crab.

Leo July 23 through August 22, the Lion is the symbol of Leo.

Virgo August 23 through September 22, the symbol is that of a Virgin

Libra September 23 through October 22, the symbol of a Libran is a set of scales, of equality

Scorpio October 23 through November 21, A Scorpion is the symbol for this one.

Sagittarius November 22 through December 21, the symbol is a Bow and arrow of an archer

Capricorn December 22 through January 19, the symbol is a Goat.

Each sign and symbol of the zodiac has a meaning that is placed with it. For Aries, it is a masculine sign, and it governs the head. Taurus governs the head and the throat. Taurus is a feminine sign. Masculine Gemini rules the lungs, arms and the thorax. Cancer is all feminine and controls the stomach and breasts. Leo is masculine and controls the heart and the spine, and according to a select few, Leo also controls the eyes. Virgo is a feminine sign that controls the intestines. Libra is masculine and controls the kidneys and bladder. Scorpio is feminine and controls the sex organs and the anus. Sagittarius governs the thighs and liver. It is a masculine sign. The Capricorn is a feminine sign that governs the knees, bones and skin. Aquarius is masculine and is believed to govern the legs and ankles. The Pisces is a feminine sign that controls the blood circulation and the feet. What does this all mean? Astrology and the zodiac are all based on interpretation. This interpretation is done by believers of the celestial stars having meaning over our lives.

Although the horoscope for a person’s birth date might seem to be exactly fitting for a person’s life, history and science state that horoscopes are just for entertainment purposes. We all can use some entertainment in our lives from time to time. Sometimes reading horoscopes become a habit. In reality, horoscopes do tend to focus more on a positive outlook in a person’s life; rarely will you find negativity when reading the words in your horoscope. How can reading positivity be harmful?

Psychologists state that the true signs of mental and emotional maturity are being able to control your own life and make your own choices. The medical belief is that when a person believes in horoscopes and bases their daily life on what is written they do not control their own destiny, it is as though they are allowing someone else to make those decisions for them. Psychologists label some aspects as a comfort bias; as parts of what a person reads can be turned to fit anyone’s life. With the positive aspects written in each daily horoscope, there is usually a guaranteed portion that will qualify as meaningful. For many people, this may have an emotional or mental benefit. For some, reading the positives daily may give them the ability to think positive and remain upbeat all day, rather than allowing a bad instance to ruin their day.

However, at the same time, changing your daily routine to correspond with your daily horoscope can be a bad thing; it could be meddlesome to try to maintain your life according to printed words such as that. Some psychologists believe that looking to a horoscope for guidance is not a good thing. This is not a mature aspect of life; it is the same as looking for some other person to give you permission to live life. It is as though you are asking someone else what should be done, or what should happen to you for a day.

People need to understand that they are in charge of themselves, and the decisions they make. When a person feels a loss of control in their lives, they tend to look for things that will help them make sense of each circumstance. They do not understand or want to believe that the “stars” have nothing to do with their own actions. When people allow horoscopes to dictate what they do, or what they should be doing, this can lead to problems of significance. For example, a person who bases a medical procedure according to what a horoscope states could be risking their life. Dreams, fantasies and other people’s words cannot take the place of reality.

Those who take the standard advice given in a horoscope are allowing an illusion of control over their lives. Rather than using a horoscope to build your self-confidence, people should build their personal support system with family and friends. The reliance of words written to determine the course your life should take, does not show a personal growth or the mental ability to make tough decisions in your own life.

The best way to handle the day ahead of you is to prepare for it. If there is a test in school, then the person should study the subjects in preparation. If there is a decision to be made as far as a job promotion or a change in career, the person affected needs to consider all the aspects of the choices open to them. They need to make an informed decision based on facts from their own lives, not random words written by others. Allowing others to make the tough choices for you is foolish in more than one way. They do not know or understand your life; they do not live your life, so they will not know how the decision will affect you or your family.

It is a known fact that optimists are happier and healthier in life, compared to the pessimist. A pessimistic person often looks at the negative rather than focusing on the positive. An optimistic person tends to heal faster and have a healthier immune system. This is sometimes known as the power of positive thinking, others say that it is mind over matter. Most people understand that negative thoughts and stress can make us sick. It works the same way then to be positive and upbeat. Having a happier outlook on life in general can make us healthier and positive.

Are Horoscopes real? Basically, the zodiac and horoscopes are all dependent on one’s personal beliefs. Horoscopes and the zodiac are meant for entertainment purposes. People cannot stake any portion of their lives on the daily reading of the horoscope, any more than they would allow a bully type person to control their life. Allowing anyone or anything other than yourself to control you or make decisions for you is allowing the bullies of the world to take over. If by chance, reading the daily writings of another person gives you a boost mentally, then so be it. The mind truly is a powerful thing. With our minds, we choose our destiny; we choose what to believe and who to believe.

Believing in horoscopes can lead to a weakening of your own will power. It is no different than walking up to a stranger and asking them if you should marry the guy standing next to you. Horoscopes are general, random words written based on what some people think the stars are telling them about the future. Believing in horoscopes should be a personal choice, but understanding that they are generic and not meant to base reality on is what is important. As a people, we do not allow others to control us in any way of our lives, allowing a few printed words to control what we do or choose to do is no different than the allowance of bullies controlling the schoolyard or the neighborhood. We all stand up for our own lives, make our own choices and live the way we decide to. Are horoscopes real – does it really matter?

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