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Anti Violence Slogans

anti violence slogans

Today, it seems as if anti violence slogans are popping up everywhere. Why? Why is our culture becoming one in which we need these anti violence slogans?

The answer to that is, unfortunately, very simple. Our culture sees violence on a daily basis and that means our young people are exposed to it, much too often. In fact, homicide is the leading cause of death among 10-24 year olds. The latest numbers show that in 2011 (the most recent year that data is available for) more than 700,000 young people, aged 10-24, were treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal injuries. These injuries were the result of assaults.

Youth violence is not just physical, it also has emotional, social, and economic repercussions.

While the study cited above notes that the rates of youth homicides are actually declining, something still needs to be done to decrease the devastating impact youth violence is having on us all, as a society.


While anti violence slogans and anti violence quotes may not seem like the best way to combat homicide, these sayings, may, in fact, have an impact.

Our schools are teaching these anti violence slogans to children, and they, in turn, are learning at a young age that violence is not the answer. As young people grow up, these slogans remain in their minds, hopefully helping them do the right thing.

Plastering these slogans throughout schools, neighborhoods, churches and parks is a great way to live the quote, to teach the slogans, and to make a difference.

Anti Violence Slogans

Some of the more popular anti violence slogans are:

Act like a monk, not a punk.

In other words, children are asked to think of The Golden Rule when they deal with others. If they act like a monk, a holy man, they turn the other cheek rather than engage in things like fights or even wars of words. If we can teach this to children, we can hope to see less altercations and hopefully, less violence and injury.

Act like you have evolved. Talk it out to have it resolved.

This slogan is perfect for teachers and parents who wish to teach children to talk about their problems rather than using their fists to get the job done. When we teach children to talk it out, we show them that there are two sides to every story, and that not everything is black and white. ‘Act like you have evolved’ simply asks our kids (and our adults) to remember that we are not animals. We can have a discussion rather than a fist fight (or worse).

Another slogan that follows this same idea is:

Don’t have a fit, use your wit.

Often, talking it out does not sound as ‘fun’ to kids as, say, an argument. When you use your wit, though, you get to use your humor to diffuse the situation. If we teach our kids that it is okay to laugh, at themselves, a fight could be diffused before it starts. So, teaching kids to use their wits is a great way to avoid violence, and make some friends along the way.

Bullies never win.

We can go all the way back to Aesop’s Fable (or even Looney Tunes) when we discuss this great anti violence slogan. A bully never wins. Bullies never have right on their side, and they tend to lose their friends, too.

Can’t we all just get along?

Many adults will remember this great slogan, given to us by Rodney King in 1991. History shows us that he was a man who just wanted peace. Hopefully parents will pass this quote onto their children, and explain that if we could just get along we could avoid much violence and hurt. If we can get along with other races, people who are different from us, other sexes, life would be easier for everyone. This slogan offers up a great teaching moment.

Do the right thing, don’t throw a punch or swing.

This slogan is perfect for teaching children, especially, not to resort to violence. Most children have been taught ‘The Golden Rule’ and know that they should not hit. They know that punching is never the answer, and this slogan reinforces that.

Give Respect… Get Respect.

Many teachers, and parents, feel that this is one quote that should be practiced on a daily basis. If we respect our young people, and teach them to respect one another, the world would be a better place. If they see that they are respected in the classroom, at home, outside of school, then they will be much more apt to give respect in return. If our young people feel respected, by one another, by adults, there will be a lot less violence.

Guns don’t kill, people kill people.

While we have all heard this slogan, and perhaps shaken our heads thinking it was too pat, too simple, there is much truth to it. This particular slogan did originate with the NRA, but today it is used all over the place. Young people do carry guns, it is a sad fact, and they need to learn that those guns are not the answer. The guns do not kill, it is the person who pulls the trigger.

Power to the Peaceful.

One favorite anti violence slogan is ‘Power to the Peaceful’. We once heard ‘Power to the People’ over and over again; it came to popularity in the 1960s. Today, the words have been changed, showing that those who create peace, who seek peace, have the answers, and the power. Children, young people, and even adults are learning this, and learning exactly what it means to create peace.


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