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Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week

Do we need an anti bullying week?

It’s sad that the problem is so big that it requires a full week to acknowledge the enormity of it, but unfortunately cyber bullying has emerged as just that type of problem. That’s why November 18-22, 2013 has been set aside as the week to place the spotlight on this dark topic. This event-packed anti bullying week is designed to provide resources and support to all those who find themselves facing down the online bully in cyberspace. Kids are not alone in this fight, and this is the anti bullying week for everyone to show them that support.

Sponsored since 2006, the goal each year of anti bullying week is to comfort, inform, and educate the public about the very real dangers associated with cyber bullying. No child should be made to suffer in silence and we place safety and prevention at the core of our message.

Empowerment begins from within and it’s fuelled by the knowledge that no one is alone is this fight. The anti bullying coalition sets out to prove this fact with a vast array of events and resources, and they don’t do so passively. In fact, they take it to the road. Their annual national and international Roadshow gets out of the realm of the theoretical, and into the daily lives of those that most need to hear their message. Previous year’s themes have included: The Science of Bullying, Chronicle of a Bully, and Cyber Scream. Actionwork’s renowned national and international Roadshows have been likened to the ultimate in theatre-in-education experiences.

This year they will be hosting four separate Roadshows designed to educate those in Secondary schools and colleges, a venue for the students in Primary schools, and an anti bullying puppet show for the youngest members in need. We believe that it is never too soon to get out the message on bullying. Finally, there is a specialist Roadshow designed to educate and succor advanced groups, peer members, and teachers.

In the same way that you shouldn’t be passive in the face of bullying, neither will you be a passive spectator during these action packed Roadshows. Widely acclaimed as the best resource to confront the safety issues being faced by our children, and leaders in the prevention of online bullying, these high impact, fun, and informative shows leave a legacy of empowerment that lasts much longer than the 60 minute presentation.

Students of all ages will find themselves fully engaged in the power message being presented, and will illustrate that engagement through participation in workshops designed to understand the many differing strategies available to students who might be facing cyber bullies on any given day. Although the Road shows offer no out of the box solutions to this growing problem, we arm our Roadshow attendees with the awareness that they have the power to take the pain out of an online bully’s stinging words.

In addition to an amazing show with an incredible message, participation sends a strong message to any would-be bully in the audience that your school won’t tolerate that type of behaviour. Bullies are not known for being brave…they’re known for being bullies. Nothing tells them that their reign of terror is over as an entire school sitting down and discussing the ways they can be stopped!

Join us this year to help end the scourge of cyber bullying during anti bullying week. Reserve an hour to host this amazing show, and your students will leave having been entertained, informed, and empowered. We all know that bullies thrive in the dark places that breed fear. Turn the light on those dark places and watch them scurry away like any pest that requires concealment to survive and thrive.


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