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Anti Bullying Videos

One of the hottest topics facing Americans right now is the subject of bullying. While this was once an acceptable part of society, violent outbursts by bullying victims all across America have prompted many people to demand change. Unfortunately, the victim of the bullying doesn’t isolate the perpetrator of the bullying when he or she reacts with violence and the bullying victim, or even innocent bystanders, can become the target of deadly retaliation. That is why need to learn about Anti Bullying Videos !

In some recent cases of cyberbullying, the perpetrator has been arrested and charged with a felony. This may seem a bit harsh, but several instances of cyberbullying victims committing suicide has prompted law enforcement officials to take a proactive stance in the fight against online harassment. According to ABC news, a fifteen year old girl was arrested and charged with felony stalking after sending threatening emails to three of her fifteen year old classmates. In St. Petersburg, which is a suburb of Tampa, the police department chose to press charges against the young girl who’s name hasn’t been released because she is a minor. Though the details of the case are being kept under tight lip, it has been reported that the fifteen year old sent hundreds of threatening emails to three other young girls. The arrest was made after the St. Petersburg police warned the girl to stop the threatening messages. When the disturbing messages continued, the girl was arrested on felony charges. Some of the messages contain four letter words which are far too vile to repeat in this article. Perhaps the most disturbing detail about the case is that all of the girls were once close friends.

Though this case is truly difficult to read about, it has prompted many people to take a more serious stance against bullying. The teenage girl’s eight day tirade is showing people that bullying is far worse than it once was. No one knows exactly how bullying went from teasing and rough horse play to violent threats and profanity laden outbursts but the trend appears to be getting worse. Perhaps the bullying epidemic is the result of the degradation of society or perhaps it’s the natural progression of the problem. Like any other small problem that goes unaddressed, the bullying epidemic has become one of epic proportions. This is why some schools have become so proactive in their efforts to thwart bullying. This includes the introduction of anti bullying programs where students are educated on the effects of bullying, what to do if they’re being bullied, and what to do if someone else is being bullied. The programs may consist of special guest speakers, many of them celebrities. Students may also have to watch anti bullying videos and attend anti bullying rallies.

Some people have criticized the arrest of the female bully in St. Pete, Fl but this isn’t an isolated incident. Other cases of bullying have resulted in the arrest of minors. In Baton Rouge La, two young men were arrested after they built a website dedicated to bullying students that they didn’t like. The two young men, one of them a minor, made threats against other students and even threatened to blow up their school and shoot certain individuals. The story can be seen here,  but readers should be warned, the details of the case are extremely disturbing.

Hearing that two young men would dedicate an entire website to bullying others is indeed disturbing. However, there are also websites dedicated to the prevention of bullying. This website is an entire site dedicated to helping schools prevent bullying. This site is home to a bully prevention program known as OLWEUS and it features a plethora of anti bullying videos and other tools that a teacher, parent or principal can utilize to curb bullying. At one point, it seemed that people were willing to just excuse bullying as a part of growing up. Now people are starting to realize that this epidemic is far worse than it was just twenty years ago. The bullying has gotten far worse and the consequences have become more extreme as well. It may have taken a while, but it seems that people are beginning to realize the terrible effects that bullying can have and the parents, teachers students, and even the law are getting more involved.

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