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Anti Bullying Efforts in Australia

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As awareness has risen in the past several decades concerning the negative effects of bullying, more and more school and other social organizations are beginning to organize anti bullying campaigns. An anti bullying campaign can be an effective, and even a fun way to help educate kids as to the negative effects of bullying. There are many ways that parents, kids and educators can organize a great campaign.

What is an Anti Bullying Campaign?

An anti bullying campaign is an organized effort put together for the purpose of raising awareness and getting a dialogue started between students, their parents and educators. Bullying is a problem that many people simply refuse to talk about. Because sometimes it seems as if there are no easy answers to the bullying problems, people want to just ignore it. Ignoring bullying is one of the main reasons that bullying continues, however. This is why it is so important that people talk, and brainstorm ideas of how to make it better. One of the best ways parents can help their kids and teens deal with bullying issues is listen to them when they are talking about these issues, and to help them start talking when they do not want to talk about existing bullying problems.

What are Some Things to Incorporate Into an Anti Bullying Campaign?

There are several ways to get out the anti bullying message. One way is to make anti bullying posters. Creating posters gives students a chance to not only fight bullying in their schools but to also express themselves creatively. When kids have the opportunity to express themselves creatively they begin to feel as if they are truly a part of the anti bullying efforts.

As part of the posters many kids like to create new catchy anti bullying slogans. An anti bullying slogan is an easy way to get out a no bullying message very quickly. The slogans can be used as part of the posters, or they can be used for an online posting campaign. An online posting campaign is a quick and easy way to get out a no bullying message. Kids, parents or educators simply post anti bullying messages on their social media pages and then encourage friends and family to share these messages. Many kids like to find fun ways to turn anti bullying quotes into eye catching e-cards. These can easily be shared between friends on social media pages.

It is also important to participate in national anti bullying campaigns. During a national campaign, kids, parents and educators all across Australia will rally together to raise awareness and educate others. One of the largest Australian anti bullying campaigns will take place March 20, 2015. Visit to learn more about how you can register for events and get involved.

Beyond Anti Bullying Campaigns

In some severe cases of bullying, simple anti bullying campaigns are not enough. When bullying escalates to the level of harassment, or even violence, it may be necessary to look into anti bullying legislation options. Legislative efforts to address anti bullying Australia have been effective to help with the bullying issues in Australian schools. Although most schools have an anti bullying policy in place it is sometimes not enough to truly make a lasting difference in the lives of kids who are being bullied. Anti bullying laws have been enacted in order to ensure that children feel safe and protected while they are at school or in other social organizations.

When anti bullying policies are ignored at school, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that anti bullying laws are being upheld at the school. Even in the best of schools sometimes bullying incidents can go undetected. It is very important that parents address any bullying situations very quickly.

How to Detect a Bullying Problem

Sometimes a bullying problem is not obvious at first. There will be subtle signs that you child is suffering in a bullying situation. Your child’s behavior may change. Sometimes a child may begin to show aggressiveness whereas they were normally very peaceful. Talkative children may become very quiet suddenly. You may also notice changes in your child’s efforts at school. Perhaps your child’s grades have dropped, or they are continually getting into trouble at school. Any major changes in behavior can be a signal that your child is disturbed over something. Some kids may even experience changes in their sleeping patterns or eating patterns. If you notice any of these changes you should try to get your child talking about what is bothering them.

Once you have determined that your child is indeed having a problem with bullying you should address your child’s school as soon as possible. Talking with a teacher and asking them to keep an eye out for these problems could be all that is necessary in order to have the problem addressed. However, if this does not seem to work, then taking the problem to the next level of authority. This could involve speaking with the principal, head of the school or even the board of education.

There are times when even these efforts will not produce the results that parents are needing for their children. Because there are anti bullying laws in place, parents can take their bullying issues to a legal level. Many parents do not realize that the legal authorities can be involved in these types of problems. Legal authorities are more than happy to help parents as they combat bullying in their child’s schools. In some cases it may only take a conversation from legal authorities with the bully in order to stop the bullying behaviors. However, if even these extreme measures do not produce positive results, then parents should understand that when anti bullying laws are in place, you can prosecute those who consistently bully your child.

Bullying is a form of criminal harassment and it can be dealt with at the legal level.

Bullying is a very real problem that can not be ignored. One of the reasons that bullying has become such a serious problem in the last few decades is because many people have ignored it. This sends the doubly harmful message to kids that if they are being bullied adults really do not care that much and that if a kid is a bully there will not be any real consequences for this behavior. Both of these messages help to continue the vicious cycle of bullying. This cycle will continue as long as adults ignore bullying. One of the best ways for parents to combat this cycle is to listen. Listen to your kids and to other kids when they discuss bullying. Do not brush it off as a normal part of childhood. Bullying is not a normal part of childhood, bullying is a harmful form of harassment that can have long lasting negative effects on kids. Some children even need counseling in order to fully recover from the damaging impact of bullying. Do not ignore your child’s bullying problem.

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