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Anti Bullying Assembly Ideas

Anti Bullying Assembly Ideas

If you are a school counselor, teacher, administrator or parent, this is for you. Schools basically know the significance of featuring an anti bullying program in their schools. They know how to network with parents and others in the community to focus on dealing with bullying. But what they sometimes lack is fresh ideas for assemblies in schools which will keep the interest of kids and inspire them to be proactive against bullying. Learn ourĀ Anti Bullying Assembly Ideas.

To get started, here are 10 good ideas you can implement immediately in your anti bullying week assembly or regular gatherings in your schools and community meetings.


“The play’s the thing,” Hamlet said. And it’s true. Everyone loves a good show. If you can come up with some dramatic re-enactments of incidents of bullying and offer a solution to deal with it, it can be a great thing to illustrate the harm in bullying and how they can take an active part to eradicate it. But, despite the allusion to Shakespeare, the drama doesn’t have to be outstanding. Just some simple skits which illustrate the negative effects of bullying will do. But try to include an emotional element. Choose some high school drama students who are good at getting across emotions on stage to represent what bullying does to people. The solution should illustrate how just one positive action can bring about change for the better in one person’s life.


If you choose guest speakers wisely, this can be a very positive thing and can make a lasting impression on young people. There was a video on You Tube which got over a million views which featured a young man, now around 29 years of age who told the audience how bullying made him feel defeated in school and almost made him kill himself. Then he told of the many years it took him to overcome the feeling of isolation and distress and encouraged people to take a stand against bullying wherever they see it. This sharing of such a personal experience on the part of one bullied person can go a long way toward making an impact of potential bullies, and possibly stop some from doing it.


We all know the power of pep rallies. They get kids excited about a victory for a sporting event or other school function. The same thing can be accomplished in the fight against bullying. It’s all a matter of getting across the point that the school is a “team” and should work together to take care of each other, like members of a team, and instill a sense of caring among all students. Come up with some witty lyrics for cheers, such as: “We stand against bullying, and that’s no lie…we’re all united at _____ (name of school) High.” Coming up with such catchy anti bullying phrases may inspire kids to start thinking of bullying like an adversary in sports, rather than something they engage in for fun.


If you have an opportunity to recruit a famous or distinguished guest speaker, this would be something that would be impressionable to young people. Kids are fascinated with people who are rich and famous. Look into featuring a well-known sports hero, politician, or military personnel who was bullied as a child and now fights to make changes, etc. With the internet allowing access to famous people more today, you might be surprised who you will get.


Like a pep rally, this idea would be one of the great bullying assembly ideas. Many kids like listening to and performing rap songs. Create original raps against bullying and feature a group of musically-inclined kids either from your school or from outside school. This would be a barn burner and would excite kids to work against bullying. It also might make some associate rap with a more positive idea rather than some of the negative rap lyrics which often encourage violence and mayhem.


Kids respond to multimedia, as adults to. Many schools use multiple screen multimedia presentations to get across a point. One school used this to discourage speeding on the roads as well as drunk driving. It features loud music and dramatic graphics of car accidents and photos showing kids crying. It had a highly dramatic effect and kids seemed to be touched by it. The same could be done with your anti bullying assembly ideas. Incorporate photos of bullied kids (with permissions if they are local kids), and insert some dramatic music to bring out the emotional aspect. Make sure to focus on the damage bullying does and how it leads to other negative results. You could have kids from a computer or multimedia class get involved in this to produce the video then run it on a tri-screen setup during your anti bullying week assembly.


Debates, like dramas and skits, will often get the interest of kids in ways that traditional methods will not. This is one of the best anti bullying assembly ideas you can implement easily. The way this could be set up is to have one group of kids debating how too much is made out of bullying while the other side could show how hurtful it is to the victims. This is only one idea. You could easily think of other debate topics which could be easily implemented into the anti bullying theme.


If you have the technology and equipment, you could set up a video conference in which you communicate with the local school co-op with guest speakers, or have a video conference with a neighboring school to discuss the problem of bullying.


The video conferencing idea could include this format by allowing several different people to participate, including victims of bullying, parent advocates, police officers, counselors, and other community members who want to help stamp out bullying. By sharing various ideas about bullying, this can be a great way to pool your resources to work together and communicate that bullying will not be tolerated in your area. It can also be a great place for people to ask questions about bullying and what constitutes bullying so that everyone is on the same page.


Your school could also have some sort of mentor day in which younger kids are paired with older kids from high school for a day. Many times bullying occurs between older and younger kids. By creating a positive atmosphere of caring and support from older kids, bullying could theoretically be wiped out in one day with this idea. The purpose of this should be to foster a “big brother or sister” relationship between older and younger kids which will encourage a sense of empathy between them. Also, the older person could serve as a sounding board for the younger kid if they are bullied and could help them do something to stop it.


Getting involved in legislation on the state and federal level involving the bullying problem is a great opportunity to have a lasting impact on the bullying problem in a big way. By getting parents and community involved, as well as kids and school staff, you can inspire a sense of doing something against bullying in a way that really has a lasting effect. Encourage English teachers to help students construct an email or letter to state senators and congressmen asking them to help work for tougher laws against cyber bullying and other forms of harassment. Some legislators may even come to your school to talk to kids directly and answer questions. Kids will feel they are really making a difference and it may even turn some former bullies into advocates for change.


These are some anti bullying assembly ideas you can use for your school assemblies, to start thinking of new and better ways to inspire kids to take action and to give them information on the effects of bullying and how to help. Sometimes kids just need to look at bullying in a different way through a different perspective in order to see the harmful effects it has. Dramatic enactments, debates, forums of discussion, and the use of multimedia all can create a sense of responsibility toward change that must occur in order to prevent others from being victims of maltreatment and bullying. You can use these ideas however you see fit, depending upon your needs in your own school district, and the degree to which your school has bullying problems.


When obtaining speakers for the school, try to focus on guest speakers who have valuable information on the subject of bullying and combine this will other ideas to create a school spirit against bullying in which everyone is working together to protect people from these senseless acts. And since there is such a high correlation between bullying and school violence, these actions can go a long way toward preventing that too. There is no cookie cutter recipe against bullying. But one day at a time, we can change the state of things by taking action against bullying. It is not only a good idea. It’s the right thing to do.

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