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Anti Bullying Activities

Anti Bullying Activities

What are Anti Bullying Activities?

Because we know how big of an issue bullying is, we must take intentional steps towards bullying prevention through a variety of anti bullying activities. The following anti bullying activities address physical bullying, verbal bullying, cyber bullying and more. The anti bullying activities, separated into sections for elementary aged children and middle and high school students, are steps in the right direction to ensure the safety and well being of our children and their protection against bullying at school.

Anti Bullying Activities for Elementary Aged Children

– Creative writing: Have your students or your child write a story with a positive moral at the end about standing up against bullies or how to befriend an unpopular student.

– Poem writing: Have your student/child write a poem about their feelings whether they have been the bully, the victim or the bystander.

– Reader’s Theater story about bullying: Print out scripts to a “Reader’s Theater” story and have different students or children play different parts and read the lines. Follow the reading by a discussion or practice the script and put on a show during recess or lunch for other classes to watch.

– Classroom or family meetings: Hold classroom or family meeting weekly to discuss issues that have arisen on the playground, during lunch or after school. Create a safe space where students can share feelings, apologize and make amends publicly. Or, for a family meeting, call the whole family together during dinner time to discuss bullying at school and even within your home, once again making it a safe space for all family members to share, apologize and make steps in the right direction.

– Anti-Bullying week: Participate in anti-bullying week and make shirts, posters, wristbands, etc. to bring awareness to the issue. Create contests throughout the week to get students and teachers excited about standing up for a good cause.

Read anti-bullying books and have a discussion afterwards:

  • Enemy Pie by Derek Munson- A story about a young boy who manages to turn his enemy into his ally.
  • Stop Bullying Bobby: Helping Children Cope with Teasing and Bullying by Danna Smith Mansell- Follow a girl named Robin on her quest to stand up against a bully.
  • Leave Me Alone: A Tale of What Happens When You Stand Up To a Bully by Kes Gray- When true friends stand up for each other in the face of a bully, their friendship overpowers his mean spirited ways.

Anti-Bullying Activities for Middle School and High School Students

– Bystander, Ally, Perpetrator Role play: Have students choose a card that says either bystander, ally or perpetrator. Then, read several different scenarios and have students role play their different parts in front of the whole group. Talk about how it felt to be a part of the different groups and the different perspectives that students saw when pretending to be an ally, perpetrator or bystander.

– Discussion about current events: Hold a weekly or daily discussion about bullying stories that are in the news. Have students journal about the stories and their reactions towards them. In small groups or as one whole class, talk about what should have been done in those situations and what can be done to prevent those situations from happening in your own school.

Start an Anti-Bullying Campaign with art, poetry, etc. Start a campaign at your school to get the catchiest anti-bullying slogan, cartoon, poem, song, painting or performance. Put together a pep rally against bullying or hold a demonstration during lunch to stand up against bullying. Encourage the student body to make t-shirts, buy anti-bullying wristbands, post pictures on Instagram and get the word out that your school does not tolerate bullying.

Because high school prepares tomorrow’s youth for the world of college and adult bullying is a major issue, it is essential also to focus on bullying activities for high school to teach teens about the dangers of bullying. It is very easy for teachers and counselors to plan pep rallies and bullying activities for high school students.

– Read anti-bullying books and have a discussion afterwards:

  • This is What I Did by Ann Lee Ellis- How one ally can change your trajectory in life.
  • Poison Ivy by Amy Goldman Koss- Multiple narratives form a collection of perspectives about three girls who went on trial in their government class for bullying another student.
  • Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean To Each Other and How We Can Change by Bonnie Burton- A nonfiction book about what is really behind girls bullying each other and what you can do to put an end to it.

Regardless of which activity you choose to do, understand that the most important step to take against bullying is increasing awareness and encouraging children and students to speak up when they hear or are a victim of bullying. Spread the word and say no to bullying.

Maybe you can try getting your children or students to write anti bullying scripts and act out a play against bullying using these anti bullying scripts to show bullies and victims the real danger of bullying. Need help with these anti bullying scripts? Contact us for help!

Spread the word on Anti Bullying Activities Now! and don’t forget to weigh in below on Anti bullying activities that you have found helpful as a teacher or as a parent. 

Got a great idea for implementing anti bullying activities for kids in your area? Tell us about successful anti bullying activities for kids or anti bullying activities for elementary kids in your community. 

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