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Am I Gay: 1 Wonder of the World

Am I gay? Thousands of people find themselves asking this question. Some people do not view homosexuality as a problem or threat, but there are those who do. Many people who are gay wish they weren’t, and they seek advice, guidance, and answers to the questions they have about the events that transpire in their life.

Am I Gay?

If a friend approaches you and says “I’m gay,” how would you react? Many homosexuals are afraid to tell their friends and family members they’re gay because of the reaction they may get. Some friends and family members accept a gay person for who they are without hesitation, and there are those who will not, so many homosexuals do not tell anyone they are gay to eliminate the chance of being and feeling rejected. People do not want to be because they do not want to be shunned or outcast.

There are many different online tests that claim to tell people if they are gay or not. The results of these tests do not provide beneficial information. The place to begin is with yourself. You need to know and get to understand yourself before you ask any in-depth questions. There is no right or wrong way to tell if you are gay or not, but there are many reasons you may question your sexual being or sexual orientation.

Questioning Your Sexual Orientation

Your sexual orientation is a strange mystery until you begin to notice certain things. There are many factors that may cause you to question your sexual orientation.

1. Having friends who are gay or bisexual may cause you to wonder if you are gay because your friends are, and you enjoy hanging around them.

2. Maybe your best friend is gay, and they have always secretly had a crush on you, and they may express how they feel by romantic gestures or stating sexual attraction.

3. Engaging in same-sex behavior may be the primary reason you question your sexual orientation. Something is as simple as kissing someone of the same sex can peak your curiosity whether you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Another reason you may question your sexual orientation is because you are not attracted to the opposite sex. Whatever the reason, the opposite sex does not amuse you or stimulate you in a way that it does for other people.

5. Who do you find attractive? You may find people of the opposite sex physically attractive. Having these feelings do not make you gay, but it can make you wonder about your sexuality and your sexual preference.

6. Experiencing a deep emotional connection with a person of the same-sex does not make you a homosexual, but other feelings may develop which may cause you to question your sexual orientation.

What Does Gay Mean?

Gay in this sense refers to a homosexual. A homosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to a person of the same sex. Contrary to the popular belief of many people, gay refers to a man or a woman who is sexually interested in a person of the same sex. The term “gay” often refers to a man who is sexually attracted to another man, but is not limited to only this. A woman who is sexually attracted to another woman is gay, but the common term for this instance is lesbian.

Are You Gay?

The thought of being gay makes some people want to run and hide while others embrace their differences. There are a few indications you may be gay, but the only person who will know for certain if you are gay is you.

Before you try to go on your journey of finding yourself and seeing if you are gay, you need to be aware of the stereotypes. Many stereotypes that pertain to gay people are wrong. There is no particular way to look gay, feel gay, or act gay. Some people who are gay are more open about their sexuality than others. Some gay people are more masculine and others are more feminine. One of the worst things you can do while trying to figure out if you are gay is falling into the stereotypes and letting it define the things you like and don’t like.


The best way to know if you are gay is by experimentation. The saying ‘you never know until you try’ works in this situation. When you are around men, take notice to your feelings and emotions, and do the same for women. Notice how being around each sex makes you feel and how you react. How comfortable are you around a male and a woman? Do you prefer one sex over the other? These are two questions you can ask yourself to get a clearer picture of the things you like.

Experimenting is personal, and until you are ready to disclose this information with others, you have every right to keep things to yourself. If you never want to tell anyone, you are not obligated to share any information.

The Difference between Coming In and Coming Out

There is a difference between coming in and coming out. Coming in refers to the process of exploring your sexuality with other and getting to know yourself, your likes and your dislikes. Coming out is the process of confirming you are gay within yourself and telling your friends and family.

How to Know if Your Gay

The only way to know if you are gay is to put yourself in situations where you experience different instances with different sexes. You need to ask yourself a few questions to help you on a journey to finding out who you are. Are you physically attracted to the opposite sex? Do you find it easier to bond emotionally with people of the same sex? Have you thought about having a relationship with someone of the same sex? You may want to dig a little deeper within yourself and ask more in-depth questions. These questions are basic questions that you need to consider answering. The most important thing to remember when you are answering these questions is to answer honestly.

Why Am I Gay?

People who come to the conclusion they are gay often wonder why they are gay and how did it happen. Research has been conducted to figure out the answer to this question. For years, and some people today believe one of two things: it’s the child’s surroundings that cause them to be gay or their family’s genes are to blame. Recent studies reveal that it may be neither of these theories. A lot of people are accepting homosexuals in today’s society, but there are still a lot of people who frown and cringe at the thought of homosexuality. Researchers are still trying to pinpoint where homosexuality comes from and what causes a person to be homosexual. Many homosexuals keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves due to the way many people in society view homosexuals. For as much as homosexuals try to change, homosexuality is not something you can wash off or take a pill to get remove. Homosexuality is not a disease, and this is the most difficult part for many people to understand.

Gay Celebrities

There are many different gay celebrities that you may not have known were gay. A few celebrities include:

  • Sarah Paulson
  • Sean Hayes
  • Chely Wright
  • Michael Stipe
  • Ian McKellan
  • David Hyde Pierce
  • Matt Dallas
  • Matt Bomer
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Elton John
  • Jason Collins
  • Raven Symone
  • Ricky Martin
  • Lady Sovereign
  • Portia de Rossi
  • Amber Heard
  • Zachary Quinto
  • Victor Garber
  • Jodie Foster
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Kelly McGillis

Many homosexuals feel better when they realize they are not a “freak”, and they are not alone, especially when famous celebrities are gay. Knowing people are gay help newcomers deal with stress and emotions that come with this lifestyle.

Coping with Homosexuality

Coping with homosexuality takes time, especially if you have an issue with being gay. The first thing you need to do is accept who you are and what you like. Although it’s different from others or some people call it out of the ordinary, you should not let the thoughts of others control you and your decisions. Once you are happy with your life and sexuality, there will not be too much anything can say or do to discourage you and try to talk you into being someone you are not.

The next step you should take is comfortable with yourself. Some homosexuals accept they are gay, but they are ashamed and sometimes feel suicidal or miserably depressed. Be proud of who you are and live your life as the next person would. If you are not proud of yourself and content with who you are, you cannot expect other people to do what you are not willing to do for yourself.

The next step you may want to take is “coming out.” You only need to come out if you want to. Some homosexuals find that it easier to bite the bullet and take things how they come. Although everyone in the world will not agree with you being a homosexual, you will be at peace knowing that you no longer have to hide this situation from your family and friends.

Last but not least, you need to take your time and be patient. You may not understand your feelings and emotions overnight, so allow yourself time to let things sink in and think about a few things. Take the time to reflect and think about the direction you would like your life to go in next. Being a homosexual is not a death sentence. Live your life and be happy!

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