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All About Crack Cocaine

crack cocaine

There are unfortunately many, many dangerous drugs on the streets today but none of them could be more dangerous and as unhealthy as the street drug crack cocaine. Crack is made from cocaine, when mixed with water and other substances and boiled to create a hard, crystal form. Users will smoke crack out of pipes, or pipe like objects in order to achieve the high. The high is very short and in turn, leaves the user ALWAYS feigning for more and more which is why crack has been called “the rich man’s drug.” They are and it is never enough.

What Is Crack Cocaine?

Crack is street drug deriving from cocaine, in crystal form creating a short lived intense high that makes you feel “on top of the world”. But that on top of the world feeling doesn’t last long, leaving you feigning for your next hit. It is literally never enough for the crack user, so the user is always spending his last dime – or someone else’s last dime for that matter – to get his or her fix. The user will have to buy from the dealer over and over, numerous times throughout the day to achieve the high they are seeking and in the end, the user feels drained and broke.

Crack Vs Cocaine

Crack comes from cocaine but instead is a harder, more crystal like appearance and texture. The high is much greater, and there are more risks with crack also. It can be yellow, white or pale rose in color and the form of it is basically like that of a solid rock.

Users smoke crack out of a pipe, either make shift or store bought, inhaling the smoke and blowing it out as you would a cigarette, leaving the user to feel “jacked up” and super man like. The mind begins to run a million miles a minute, and your heart beats faster and faster. However, the intense part of the high is short lived between 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then it’s time for the next hit. The full effect of the hit lasts up to 15 minutes, but you don’t always feel the euphoric feeling the whole duration of the high.

What Is The Difference Between Crack And Cocaine?

Cocaine is a drug that comes from Coca plants, or prepared synthetically. It can be used for medicinal purposes, however this must be done under doctor’s orders and supervision. Users use cocaine as a “getting high” substance rather to prevent a medical issue, therefore making cocaine highly dangerous because it increases the heart rate and leaves the user feeling jacked up.

How To Make Crack Cocaine

Crack is actually made from cocaine, when boiled in water and using other substances, it creates a hard rock that is known as Crack Cocaine. Crack Cocaine is a much more intense drug, as it causes the user to pump adrenaline and feel that jacked up feeling much more so than they would have had they taken cocaine alone.

Although these are two different drugs, they are still very similar. One is made from the other and produces a much more intense high and crack would never be used for medicinal purposes.

What Are The Effects Of Crack Long Term And Short Term?

There are many health risks when using crack cocaine and if you or someone you know is using, take heed to the following advice – do not use any longer. Crack cocaine is probably one of the most dangerous drugs, taking many lives, old and young.

The short term effects of crack cocaine are :

Loss of appetite – Many of us wake up hungry every morning, eat around lunch time and then are “starving” by dinner. Not a crack “head” which is a repulsive crack user. A crack addict will hardly ever eat, if they eat at all, which in turn causes them massive weight loss that is extremely dangerous to the body.

Increased heart rate and blood pressure – Everyone knows that increased or even decreased heart rate and blood pressure can take a huge toll on ones body. Normal everyday people may have complications every now and then but they keep it under control. A crack addict will always have a high heart rate and blood pressure, which in the end can cause a fatal heart attack.

Disruptive sleep patterns – Sleep is essential and it is said that you need at least 8 hours every night. A crack addict will NOT sleep, and probably not at all. How could anyone sleep with their heart pounding out of their chest and their adrenaline pumping like they just finished an intense workout?

Anxiety, paranoia and depression – These are symptoms that long time mentally ill, or mentally disabled people have suffered through over the years at either a reasonable or unreasonable state. But whatever the reason, they have acquired this state because of things and events that have happened to them throughout the years, or maybe they were born with a mental illness. A crack addict or crack user will bring this type of illness onto themselves just by simply being a user. They will become depressed, have panic attacks and extreme paranoia which can cause them to disengage themselves from social activities, thus losing friends and ending up alone.

Convulsions and Seizures – Again, these are issues that will bring upon a crack addict user just by simply using. Seizures and convulsions are extremely dangerous and can send a user into a shocked state, causing all kinds of hazards such as choking, or becoming paralyzed.

The long term effects of crack cocaine are:

Permanent damage to organs, body parts and blood vessels – This is almost always incurable. After pro longed use of crack, the user will begin to have liver problems, respiratory issues and dental and hygiene issues. Their teeth will begin to rot and fall out, their body will deteriorate and their organs will give way.

Malnutrition and weight loss – A crack addict will lose all fat and all muscle, leaving them malnutritioned and sickly.

Delirium and psychosis – A crack addict will begin to experience hallucinations and turn delirious. Seeing and hearing things that aren’t really there, talking to ghosts and not remembering where they are at. Pro longed and serious cases have caused the user to not even remember their name.

Infectious diseases – Pro longed use of crack will cause an addict to contract serious diseases that could potentially kill them, and if not kill them leave them sick in the bed for days, months and years.

Sexual problems and infertility – A crack addicts chances of reproducing are slim to none after pro longed use of the drug. And if they are to have a child, the child will develop many complications and even the child themselves will be addicted to the drug before they even learn to speak.

**All of these facts have been researched from**

There are many, many complications and health problems concerned with a crack addict and user. The best thing to do is to NEVER even try it, because even if the high is a good high, it only lasts for 15 minutes and what’s the point in that?

How Long Does Crack Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Crack cocaine may only last a good 15 minutes, but how long does it stay in your system? Since crack is smoked, it reaches the brain rather quickly but it still ends up being metabolized by your liver as it goes through your body. Luckily the body sees it as poison and tries to get rid of it. Just as many other drugs, crack cocaine sticks to your liver which is what makes it visible when taking a drug test.

So just how long does it stay in your system? While that depends on your usage and dosage, it can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to completely process itself and leave your entire body.

The Day In The Life Of A Crack Addict

Crack addicts are often referred to as “crack heads” and have a horrible reputation for stealing, lying and getting into trouble. Crack addicts do not eat or sleep, nor do they have friends or a job. Their friends are also crack addicts and their job is to find the money for crack, then to purchase it and get high.

If a user even goes to bed, their first thought when they wake up is “how and where will I get my next hit”? Since most crack addicts do not have a job and have no source of income, this will cause them to steal and rob those they love. If they are a new user, or a more polite one, they may beg for the money instead. Either way, they find the money to get their drug. Some users however have such a relationship with their dealer that they could trade in their mothers wedding ring for a nice rock, which is the street name for crack.This is where crack heads get their downright dirty reputation because they will basically steal and hurt anyone to get their next hit.

Once a user has achieved its means to get high, it is time to go out and find and purchase the drug. This is where it gets tricky because a lot of people, users and innocent alike, have been shot or stabbed and killed during these transactions. If the user is lucky enough to come out alive, and usually they are because they have established a bond with their dealer, which could potentially hurt them in the end if they mess up but until then, all is well. The user goes home and gets high. However it doesn’t end there. A user is up for days upon days, constantly calling and revisiting his dealer to purchase his drug. Constantly stealing and robbing, hurting people and themselves to get the money for the drug. Not to mention the physical and mental issues they have going on now. Now they are malnutritioned and hallucinating. Hearing voices all the while having stomach pains. This is an awful state of mind to be in because you are totally detached from reality.

Who Does This Drug Affect? Should I Be Afraid My Children Will Be Around It?

Sadly, you cannot tell who is a crack user and who isn’t. Yes, there are symptoms and signs, but just by looking at a regular person off the street you wouldn’t be able to tell. Crack cocaine has always been referred to as the “rich man’s drug”, hitting Wall Street and Hollywood alike, and hitting them hard. High class, middle class and lower class are all exposed to this wild and dangerous drug, although the latter of it is found in lower class and lower middle class areas more so than richer ones. That doesn’t mean that it’s not happening behind closed doors however, so always be aware of who your children hang around and when they go to their friends’ houses, go with them to meet the parents and check for the signs.

How To Tell If Someone You Love Is A Crack Addict

Fortunately for us as family members and friends, it is easy to tell when someone is using crack cocaine. The signs are plainly in front of you in black and white, if you just pay attention. The addict will usually be thin or losing weight and produce a pale or paler tone than normal. They may be sick a lot and one sure indication, take a look at their teeth. Their teeth usually turn black and start to rot out, and it doesn’t take long for this process to take effect.

A crack head or crack addict is constantly searching for their next hit, so they will do anything to get their hands on the drug. Steal, lie, cheat and maybe even hurt someone. Sadly, crack cocaine users have the highest rate of crime because they steal cars and rob banks in order to get their fix.

If you or someone you love has an addiction to crack, please contact your local counselors or authorities today to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

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