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All About Bullying

All About Bullying

Who really knows all about bullying? Bullying is a word that seems to be popping up quite a bit. This word is seen on billboards, on the internet, and even at school. “What is bullying, and who does it affect, and why is it important for everyone to recognize what it is?” Bullying is nothing short of emotional, physical and psychological abuse.

Bullying happens when adults or children inflict physical force or powers of manipulation to torment, tease, embarrass or shame their victims.

All About Bullying: When Does Bullying Happen

Bullying happens at work or at school, and at every level. Sly remarks, funny jokes, someone playing silly tricks, are not signs of bullying. These are the kind of pranks that friends pull on each other all the time. So, how can someone tell if someone is being a real jerk or being a bully or both?

The answer is simple. A bully never lets up on the abuse. It is a continual high that can last all day, every day. Children go to school every single day, in fear of being picked on, laughed at, and ridiculed by their personal bully. Children who are being bullied are often called nerds, freaks or weirdos.

Victims are targeted because they are highly intelligent, smart and like to be with children they can relate to. The average bully feels threatened by children that are smarter or wiser than they are. Some bullies even force their victims to do their homework, bring them lunch money and run their personal errands.

Bullying make the bully feel strong, powerful and in control. This is because the bully has a group of people around to witness the attacks. People won’t speak out on bullying for several reasons. They are afraid of retaliation or they don’t want the bully to come after them next.

Thousands of people stand by each day, and watch innocent people get abused, tormented, teased and picked on. The term “I don’t want to get involved” always seems to come to mind. No one wants to get involved, until it happens to them. It’s not fun being picked on and tormented and having people point and laugh at you.

The humiliation alone is enough, to send some people over the edge. We have all witnessed the emotional and psychological effect of bullying. Children take bullying the hardest, because they don’t know how to ask for help. They are in constant pain, every day.

Sometimes it gets to be unbearable for them. They go to school, day in and day out, and face the same consequences each day. They are shunned from playing on the playground, they are banned from sitting in the lunchroom, they are not allowed to talk, and they are made the laughing stock of their school.

This type of abuse is not only humiliating, it is degrading. A bully doesn’t care about the person he or she is destroying, as long as the control over the victim is not lost. Bullying not only hurt the victim, it hurts the bully as well. Most people that turn out to be a bully is in pain.

The average bully is not very smart, and is probably not doing too well in school. The bully is most likely being abused at home. Perhaps being called names at home, being mistreated by family members and is probably being made to feel stupid or unloved. Children are not equipped to handle many of life’s problems. They are not able to deal with the stress of going to school, confronting their bully and coming home to more abuse.

All About Bullying: How Parents Can Help

Some parents are not aware of how they are influencing their children to become bullies. Most parents actually uphold their children’s behavior. When children get too angry, or when they feel pushed against the wall, they strike back. Adults might not like the way children cope with being bullied, but to the victim it is the only alternative they have.

Most parents don’t listen, or they think their child is being a baby. They say things like, “You’re not a man if you don’t fight back” or “Only babies cry.” Its remarks like these that make children less eager to tell their parents, about their bully encounters.

Some parents are bullies themselves, and they teach their children, unknowingly to become bullies. This is a life of pain and torment for the bully and for the victim. Many parents and teachers don’t see bullying as being a threat, or as being harmful. They fail to see beyond the pain, the hurt, the disappointment and the suspense. They only see a child that is being manipulative, aggressive and vengeful.

A large majority of adults or peers hardly take the time, to sit down with a bully and talk to him or her. The question of why, never comes out of their mouth. It’s a known fact that people don’t like to get involved in other people’s affairs, that is why they don’t ask questions. The less they know, the less they have to answer to or be responsible for.

All About Bullying: Who Can Prevent Bullying

Peers, teachers, and other adults are their brother’s keeper, whether they want to own up to the responsibility or not. Society has shaped, and reshaped a lot of minds, and is partly responsible for not owning up to their short comings. People who stand by and watch others be bullied, is just as responsible as the bully.

Not speaking out, not verbalizing how wrong bullying is, and turning the other way, does not make bullying stop. It only condones it. If people are not told about their negative behavior, they will assume its fine, and they will continue to operate in that same negative behavior.

In many places such as work and school, bullying is not accepted, nor is it tolerated. These institutions, especially schools, have implemented some very strict policies regarding bullying. There are some amazing facts about bullying, that parents, adults and other children may not be aware of.

All About Bullying: Characteristics of Bullying

  • Bullies are human too, and they are hurting as well.
  • They are singled out, mistreated and humiliated
  • They are most likely emotionally, physically or psychologically abused at home.
  • They face unjustified punishment for even the slightest behavior.
  • They are belittled, degraded and made to feel worthless.
  • They are threatened and downgraded in front of family, friends and complete strangers.
  • Forced to feel guilty

This is just a small list of what bullying is. A bully can inflict one or more actions on his or her victim. By the same token the bully can also have all of these scenarios inflicted on him or her as well. Bullying is a cycle that doesn’t seem to end. More and more students and adults are being bullied at work, at home and at school. Bullying is either glamorous, or funny. It is abuse in every sense of the word. It is the lowest form of disgrace that has ever been unleashed.

People who punish other people, get high from hurting other people, or find pleasure in abusing other people is troubled, and need professional help. Schools are offering counseling, therapists are offering emotional treatment, and parents are lending a listening ear.

There is a lot to learn about bullying and many adults really don’t know the signs or ways of a bully. For this reason, many people are being bullied in the classroom every day, with no intervention from teachers, friends or peers. Bullying can be eliminated, if everyone do his or her part.

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