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All About Bullying Activities

All About Bullying Activities

Bullying is a general term applied to a pattern of activities where somebody chooses to displace his or her aggression onto another person. Apparently, the victim is chosen basing largely on his or her vulnerability. There are basically three people involved in bullying. They include the bully himself, the victim, and a bystander. The bystander is the one that aids them by encouraging the bully. The bystander often laughs and in most cases is the one to blame; the bystander contributes largely to the vice. That is why you need to learn about Bullying Activities!

Bullying has actually taken its toll in many schools. The worst part is that a number of schools fail to deal with the problem. However, good schools are very proactive in what they do when dealing with bullying. They act with speed and deal with the bullying problem promptly and fairly. On the other side bad schools tend to brush off the whole thing and deny that it is happening.

Types of Bullying Activities That Many Victims Encounter

Boys and girls have completely different ways of bullying. While boys bully directly, girls tend to prefer an indirect way. The following are some of the most common bullying activities.

  • Verbal bullying
  • Psychological bullying
  • Fighting, call naming, hitting

Verbal Bullying

This is one of those bullying activities often used by both girl and boy bullies. This type of bullying is meant to demean and humiliate the victim. In most cases, the victim will feel too helpless to retaliate and they are often left isolated and filled with a lot of self doubt.

Psychological Bullying

This is one of those bullying activities often used by girl bullies. It is quite subtle and is achieved over a length of time. Normally, the bully aims directly at the emotional balance of the victim.

Fighting, Call Naming, Hitting

This form of bullying is often practiced by boy bullies. It is meant to scare and frighten the victim. In many cases, it inflicts injuries on the victim.

The above bullying activities have everything to do with control. The bully wants to have complete control over the victim, humiliate and emotionally devastate him or her. The worst thing about bullying is that the bully can gain some kind of respect, as well as admiration from his or her peers. In most cases, boy bullies or girl bullies are seen in groups. The group often encourages the bully to continue unleashing terror on the victim. Normally, the bully can go up to extreme cases without being revealed by the group.

Effect of Bullying Activities

Whether the type of bullying that one is subjected to is psychological or verbal, the effect is the same on the victim. Many of the bullying victims have self esteem problems. In other cases, it can leave the victim afraid to walk, frightened, confused, or even unable to complete school work.

Classroom Anti Bullying Activities

One of the most important aspects of dealing with bullying is education. This is very effective since bullying lessons will help many people understand how it feels to be bullied, as well as how it feels to be the person doing it. Ideally, such lessons will help them empathize with other people. This will greatly help shift focus on the solution to the problem. The following are some few classrooms activities that can be used to effectively fight this vice in schools.

First, you can come up with simple worksheets that give some simple and understandable definition of bullying, as well as harassment. You can go ahead and discuss why people bully others. However, ensure you keep these lesson activities very simple and friendly.

Secondly, depending o the age of your students, you can discuss cyber bullying and how these cyber activities can impact on the victims. Additionally, you can effectively use role play to assist the students understand how to effectively deal with numerous types of bullying. You can take a group of students and make them act out some bullying scenes and their possible solutions.

Lastly, you can watch or read stories that show bullying situations. You can then discus this later on with students and talk about the feelings of the characters involved in the situations.

Obviously, being bullied is one of those things that must be taken very seriously. This simple act can impact seriously on the victim, and must be dealt with in its initial stages. Additionally, you really have to be careful and ensure your child does not feel that being harassed is their fault. Then show how this vice is taking its toll in society. It has also found its way into workplaces and it is one of those things that need to be stamped out before they become a major problem. Bullying activities should be identified early enough and attended to before they take root.


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