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Advice For Coaching A Victim Of Bullying

Helping a victim of bullying can be one of the hardest things you can do, but it also is one of the most rewarding things for you to do as well. This is when you should know more information about how you can provide some sound advice for getting to start your adventure of coaching a victim of bullying. Without any of this information, you may have trouble in getting to enjoy the work which you are doing for your friend or the victim of the bullying. With this advice, you can easily get to start to coach the bullying victim and know they are finally going to recover from the trials and tribulations which they were put through with the bully.

Coaching A Victim Of Bullying: Help Them Identify What Kind Of Bullying Is Present

Often people will not even realize there’s different types of bullying which can make it difficult for them to figure out what kind of response should be done. This is when you should know more information about the bullying types your victim is facing. Then you can help them in figuring out what kind of actions they should be taking to cope with the problems which they are under going.

Physical bullying is one of the most obvious types of bullying. With this type of bullying you will have the obvious type of bullying which would include the hitting and even beating of the victim. Something else which people may not realize is the type of bullying which is considered physical would go with stealing and even making the victim do something which they do not want to do or make them be humiliated by the action.

Verbal bullying is another aspect which many people will want to know about as well. This includes yelling at the person all the time and making sure the person knows they are the one who is being directed at for the yelling. However, some people will want to know the name calling is another aspect which they have to face as well with the bullying as well. Insults are another aspect of the verbal bullying which people will have to face as well and the insults will be the kind which are not meant in a kidding manner.

Relationship bullying is something else which may not be obvious with kids, but it is something which is present. A great aspect which could be considered bullying here is the different bullying by the lack of conversation to the person. However, the relationship bullying will also come from spreading of lies or starting of rumors. So you can see this type of bullying may happen in a marriage or even in the different friendships which people have.

Coaching A Victim Of Bullying: Figure Out Why The Victim Is Being Targeted

Generally you will have to figure out why your victim has become a target of the bully. This can range from a variety of aspects, but you need to help your victim find out why the bully has started to target them. Then you can help them in getting to know more information about what kind of changes they can make and how they can get out of the sights of the bully

– The bully may see you as being weak and want to make themselves start to feel bigger and better then you. If this is the case, then you would want to make sure you look at the different ways your victim can start to prove they are bigger then the bully.

– Popularity may play a big role in why the person has become a victim of the bully. When people are able finding out about the different bullying they may find the bully is just picking on them because of the group they have for friends are telling them to pick on the victim. So the person may not be able to avoid any of the bullying actions which are presented in this aspect, unless they are able to get to be involved with the friends which are leading the bully to pick on them.

Jealousy can be a major problem the victim may be coming to them for as well. When the bully is doing it for this aspect, the person will have to figure out why they are jealous of them. Then the person can start to understand more of what they are doing which is setting the bully off. However, the person can start to understand more of what they are doing which is making other people jealous of them.

– Escaping from some type of problem they have or even escaping from their own bullying situation. Some people may have never thought about this aspect before, but a bully may end up being picked on or have a problem. The bully may see the only way they can get away from the bullying is by starting to bully someone else. This is going to make it easy for them to feel better about themselves and this can also be another aspect which the victim may have to overcome.

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