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Showing Kids That Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The phrase actions speak louder than words is often repeated over and over again to children as parents try to teach them that their actions are what counts the most. People can say they will do something several times, but if it never gets done, their words were held very little value. In today’s fast paced world, people are always talking about what needs to be done, but rarely get the chance to do everything they say they will.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Meaning

The meaning behind the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is self explanatory. If you want to know what a person is truly like, look at their actions. If they continually tell you they care about you, but never spend time with you, call you or interact with you, odds are they do not care as much as they would like for you to believe.

Parents are often guilty of not following through on their promises. If they are constantly telling their children they will do this or that with them, but the interaction never happens, the children will begin to believe their parents had no intention of ever following through on their promises. Children who end up bullying others or trying to get the attention of other adults, often claim this type of parental behavior is what causes them to act out.

Being A Positive Role Model

Being a positive role model is important. Part of being a role model is following through on things that you promise to another person. People who have upstanding character and are thought of as trustworthy have gotten that reputation for following through on their promises. Most will do whatever they say they will do, even if it means overcoming various hurdles to accomplish the goal.

In a classroom setting, a positive role model can be a teacher, faculty member or student. Individuals who make a solid commitment to following through with their promises is capable of being someone that others can look up to. People who constantly talk about doing something, but never accomplish their goals, rarely make a positive impact on those around them.

When Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Bullies often reverse the psychology of actions speaking louder than words. To a bully, their words are the most important thing. They can say whatever they want in the way of threats, insults and remarks, but when it comes to actions, they rarely follow through. A bully relies on the harshness and hateful meaning behind what they say to accomplish their goals. If their words can scare or frighten their victim, there is no need to physically harass or harm them.

To a bully, seeing their victim suffer in some way is the desired end result. Bullies can be lazy in some sense, because the more hateful their comments, the less work they have to do in other areas to make their victims afraid. In some cases, people who gossip are similar to bullies. The more they talk and spread their lies and gossip, the happier they are. As long as they do not have to account for what they say, they go about their day as if nothing happened.

Saying One Thing and Doing Another

People often say one thing and then do the complete opposite. While it may not be their intention to be deceiving, the message they send to those around them can be quite confusing. By misleading others, they often get the reputation of someone who cannot be trusted. People will stop relying on them to complete important jobs and begin to pass them over when it comes to promotions and large projects.

On the other hand, individuals who take on tasks and promise to complete difficult jobs on time and before their deadline will receive accolades and recommendations. Their reputation will precede them when it comes to management looking for people who consistently go over and above what is required of them when completing projects and meeting deadlines. While it is always important to go the extra mile, never promise anyone anything that you cannot achieve. This prevents the client from being disappointed and you from being made to look as if you are not capable of following through on important assignments.

If You Say It, Make Sure You Do It

A large number of people who fall into this category are politicians and public servants. Many spend so much time making hollow promises, they forget about them before they ever take office, All of the things they promised to do for the voters who put them in office, are left behind as a new agenda begins to take their place. Over time, the people begin to see that none of the promises were ever kept and that they were only being told what they wanted to hear.

A politician or public servant who repeatedly fails to do what they promised for those who put them in office, will more than likely, not see a second term in office. The public look to their elected officials as someone they can count on to make sure the laws are being upheld and every individual’s rights are sacred and protected. When these same officials do not complete the things they promise, the public at large tends to begin to look for other people who they believe may do a better job for the next term.

Actions that speaks louder than words are a physical way of proving to others that you say what you mean. Before you make a promise, make sure you have the time and resources to be able to fulfill it. In some situations, not keeping a promise may not matter, especially if it is something trivial. On the other hand, making a promise to a child, family member, co-worker or boss, and then letting them down can lead to devastating results. Not only will you disappoint them, you may also set yourself up for failure, especially if you repeatedly fail to finish work projects.

For many, keeping your word is extremely important. That means if you tell your kids you are going to take them to the park, make sure they will continue to be able to trust your word. Take them to the park and follow through on your promise. Other things can take a back seat to a previous obligation for a few minutes or an hour.

There are people who believe that their actions define who they are. They do not have to make promises because their actions are sending an accurate message concerning what needs to be said. When the right actions are taken, no words need to be spoken. The meaning behind the action says everything that needs to be said, without human interruption. Children who have role models that prefer to do things without elaborating on their actions with words, will often begin to act in the same way. They will see something that needs to be done and will do it without prompting or hesitation. Understanding that a person’s actions hold more worth than their words can be a hard concept to grasp, unless you realize that words are easily spoken and even easier to forget. Actions live on.

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