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About The Benefits of Anti Bullying Week in UK

Civil society led by the Anti-bullying Alliance Organization in England, has paid special attention to bullying and has managed to come up with creative ideas on how to fight bullying and encourage bystanders to engage in preventing bullying behavior from occurring as well. Since most children respond well to festive atmospheres, the sixty organizations under the Anti-bullying Alliance Organization have set up what is known as “anti bullying week” in the UK. It started off in 2004 and still happening every year until this one.

During that week, the participating organizations schedule events, sessions and fun activities where children can learn about bullying, the means to prevent it, and how to stand up for themselves. Each year the theme of the week changes to cover part of the problem, revealing it and finding ways to stop it from happening. For 2013, anti bullying week is set out to be from November 18th till November the 22nd. The week’s theme and agenda are yet to be settled on, but is expected to be as engaging and educating as it has always been. But the fact remains that there is a pressing need for awareness and it all starts with an anti bullying week in UK.

Along with parents, teachers, educators and of course youngsters who are willing to participate in making their surroundings a safer place for everyone, an anti bullying week is a great idea for all members of the community.

The main purpose of anti bullying week is raising awareness that matches the seriousness of the problem. Youngsters and their care-takers are advised to participate in the happenings of the anti bullying week as it puts them face to face with the problem of bullying in schools and playgrounds and encourages positive behaviour that repels the bully and decreases their influence on other kids. Due to the crucial role the bystanders play throughout the bullying process, it is very important that we educate all kids to report bullying and interfere with the right attitude to make it stop and contain its bad influence on all the other kids. School teachers should also check out the happenings of the anti bullying week as it points out how to find out someone at your school or class is getting bullied, how to handle it and how to address the issue with the bully while making such they do not get angry and start acting out their anger through bullying more kids or the same kid excessively.

The anti bullying week might also include activities that kids engage in which could be an alternative output for their emotional struggles that keeps them away from taking part in a negative process such as bullying.

Themes of the annual anti bullying week in England are selected upon a survey that interested people fill out that displays the areas they are interested in when it comes to tackling the issue of bullying. Based on the results of said survey, the activities and happenings of the week is set up and prepared to meet the interests of participants.

You can even plan an anti bullying week in your school or within your local community. Campaign for an anti bullying week in your school and teach others about the dangers of bullying.

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