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A Look at a List of Bullying Victims

A Look at a List of Bullying Victims

Bullying Victims : You’re Sure to Find Out Why They are Bullied

Students who come home and report to their parents that they are being bullied in school may be able to explain how they are bullied. They may be called names. Other students may shove them into the wall in between classes. The bullying students may take pictures of them, then send them to their friends, often with hurtful, disparaging remarks attached. No matter how the bullying is carried out, it is damaging.

Bullying Victims may Drop in School Attendance

Children who are singled out for bullying want to avoid it. If that means missing school or skipping classes, they will do so, according to the UCLA Newsroom website. When they go back, the bullying resumes. Look at a list of bullying victims and you’re likely to spot a change in their school-attendance patterns. From rarely missing school days, these students may begin missing more school than they are attending. Teachers and parents who are concerned that a student is being bullied should be aware that these students may suffer from different physical complaints. They may also develop psychological issues.

If these students liked school before, once the bullying begins, their feelings soon change. Because they fear the ongoing targeting and the forms of bullying to which they are being subjected, they start to associate school with shame and fear. If their teachers, let alone school administrators, aren’t actively trying to protect them, these victims feel abandoned.

Bullying Victims may face a Drop in GPA

Students who experience high levels of bullying will respond with a drop in their grades. In a study conducted by UCLA psychologists, over 2,000 students in 11 middle schools in Los Angeles responded to questions about bullying. Students who admitted to being the most bullied on a four-point scale had the lowest grade point averages, according to the UCLA Newsroom website. For every one-point increase on the bullying scale, the student’s GPA dropped by 1.5 points.

Effects of Bullying on Bullying Victims 

Students who experience bullying experience a range of reactions. Academically, they lose the ability to learn as effectively as they used to be. If they are called “stupid” or are told to “shut up” when they answer a teacher’s question, they are going to stop responding so they won’t be attacked. Teachers gauge their students’ understanding of the material being taught by asking them to answer questions. If a student on a list of bullying victims is afraid of being picked because her fellow classmates will single her out for verbal abuse, she won’t raise her hand. The cycle spirals on itself. Students who already underperform are picked on and bullied. They respond less and less. They are bullied even more.

Bullying Victims ‘ Stories

Students experience bullying in several ways. Several students may isolate a new student. When she tries to interact with them, they may refuse to allow her to join their groups. She may find derogatory notes in her locker. She may be the subject of suggestive or unflattering cell phone pictures that soon make the rounds of the student body.

Other students may be bullied physically as their fellow students push them into lockers and walls. They may be ambushed in the restrooms. These students may call targeted students names, according to the OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program.

The effects of bullying on these students can be profound. They report feeling like outcasts, not knowing why they are targeted for this treatment. Girl-on-girl bullying is harder to detect because the forms of bullying are more subtle. The girls who target other girls will stuff notes in their books or backpacks; they will ignore her and refuse to allow her to enter their group. Because administrators don’t see overt signs, such as bruises or ripped clothing, they are reluctant to step in – just in case the the student and her parents are wrong.

Kinds of Bullying and Bullying Victims 

When professionals go through a list of bullying victims to learn why and how they are bullied, they will probably obtain much valuable information. Focusing on the kinds of bullying, these professionals will find that the students who bully use different methods, including:

º Verbal

º Physical

º Isolation

º Threatening

º Spreading untruthful, hurtful rumors

º Cyber-bullying

As soon as parents know their child is being bullied, they need to know how to respond and help their child. Before taking any action, parents must take the child seriously, according to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Service. They should help their child develop strategies to avoid or deal with the bullying. Most importantly, they must report it to school authorities, once they know their child is okay with doing so. The final strategy – empower their child. Bullying can be stopped with the right actions.

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