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A Bullying Story

A Bullying Story

Each year 10-14 youth suicides are directly attributed to bullying; no one really realizes the gravity of the situation until it’s too late- so next time you witness or hear of a bullying incident, you might want to think of what it may lead up to before you turn the blind eye. Scroll down for one touching bullying story!

There are no criteria for singling out a victim of a bullying story; sometimes the bully just wants to take it out on the world, and the victim just happens to be standing in his way.  So at any given day, this can be someone you know, someone you like or care for, or the person you care about the most.

This is a Bullying Story you need to know of, of someone who was simply caught in the middle of an ugly cycle:

Eleven year old Thomas Thompson’s ordeal started at elementary school. He went to Riverside Primary school in Wirral, Merseyside, where he was constantly subject to teasing because he was different.

Thomas was incredibly bright as stated by school administrators and his parents and he enjoyed reading and doing his schoolwork -the perfect target for resentment and scorn amongst mediocre students.

By the time he entered Secondary School, it was thought that the ridicule would somehow decrease, but it didn’t. And the bullies got to him EVERY SINGLE DAY; trying to strangle him with his tie, poking him at times.

He was repetitively called offensive names; enough to drive an adult into depression and despair, and more then what a child could possibly handle

After persevering for a longtime, One day Thomas had just had enough- he’d had to get off the school bus to escape the bullies, and when he got home- he overdosed on painkillers leading to a heart attack, and his instant death

His mother found him in his bedroom after she returned from work in the evening, by then his family’s’ attempts at resuscitation off course failed.

Thomas is the youngest child to take his life due to relentless bullying. Wirral Council said that his school’s commitment to eradicating bullying is widely admired and this is what made Thomas’s death particularly sad.

At eleven years old; Thomas should have been leading a carefree, hopeful life- not contemplating death at an environment which allegedly rejects bullying.  This Bullying Story is sadly not the only one taking place in the UK;

Last month 16-year-old Karl Peart took an overdose of painkillers after suffering what his family called a lifetime of bullying.

Two weeks later, Gemma Dimmick, a 15-year-old at the same school – Hirst High, in Ashington, Northumberland – also committed suicide. Relatives claimed she too had been bullied.

Also, nine-year-old Jessica O’Connell’s parents revealed the diary she kept of her suffering at St Wilfred Roman Catholic School in Ripon, North Yorkshire, as she was driven to the brink of suicide by bullies.

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