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A Bullying Article That Hits Home

It is hard to spend any serious time watching or reading the news and not find some instance of bullying. There is good old fashion physical bullying. There is emotional and verbal bullying and there is the new kid on the block, cyber-bullying. No matter how you anatomize and dissect it, bullying has become a major cultural issue. Read this Bullying Article That Hits Home!

If you came up in my generation, there is a good chance you were told that bullying is just a part of growing up and the best way to deal with is to just stand up to that bully. Well, thank God that we were strong enough psychologically, emotionally and hopefully physically to engage the issue under those circumstances. I often wonder, how many doing that time were not?

When I speak with numerous people who grew up in my generation, most agree that it didn’t seem that bullying had the massive impact that it seems to be having today. There have been those that have said that they believe that the kids today are more hypersensitive to bullying than we were. The implication of that statement is that we had thicker skin.

The truth of the matter is the issue wasn’t reported as much then as it is now. There weren’t as many media outlets to bring stories to the mass public and to be honest, we were slow in making the connection.

There are studies that now show that even children from our generation, who have long since become adults are still suffering from the negative results of being bullied. With the increase of the number of media outlets, on television, radio, publications and the internet, you can now find bullying article after bullying article.

The thing that we must be careful of here is downplaying the significance of the data and information we are seeing. Bullying is a serious issue with very serious consequences. We have got to become involved at level that produces results. The welfare of our children depends on it.

One of the most common problems facing us as we battle this issue is indifference. Most people are simply detached from the reality of the issue. Most people don’t believe that it could or that it may be happening to their child, so they shake their head and they keep going about their business. Well this is a bullying article that may hit just a little closer to home than you are used to.

Statistics show that there is a 50% chance that your child will be bullied at least once during their time in school. These same statistics show that there is a 10% chance or higher that your child will be bullied multiple times. Most children that are bullied don’t tell their parents about the instances. Being bullied makes a kid feel weak and it is not easy for them to talk about it. This is why it is so important for you to establish a line of communication in which your child feels comfortable talking with you about anything.

Understand that bullying can cause some serious issues for your child, both short and long term. If your child is being bullied it’s education and development. Your child has a greater chance of developing emotional issues that can affect them socially and even lead to suicide. The results of bullying can even carry over into their adult years making it difficult for them to maintain meaningful relationships. a good chance that they will begin skipping school to avoid the conflict, directly affecting their

Take the time to sit down with your child and talk about bullying. Tell them that it’s okay to come to you to talk about any occurrences. Take the time to learn what to do when you find out that your child has been bullied. Be proactive by being involved in your child’s affairs. Your involvement can take us one step closer to ending this scourge.

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