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10 Ways To Stop Bullying

10 Ways To Stop Bullying Successfully

As many people have found a bully can come in a lot of different forms and often ends up being someone people know. The problem is they need to know about the different ways to stop bullying or prevent it from happening to them. Here are the 10 ways to stop bullying and do so safely.

1. Keep An Eye On What Is Going On

Normally people do not think about this, but bullying can easily be spotted early on. However, people need to pay attention to what is going on and make sure they are able to pick up on the signs they are being bullied. For example, people starting to talk about them behind their backs or pushing them around it can easily lead to people getting bullied. This is the top of the 10 ways to stop bullying.

2. Do Not Think It Will Go Away

Sometimes people will think the situation will just stop on its own. This is a mistake which is commonly made and often by ignoring the problem it tends to get worse, but using the 10 ways to stop bullying people can overcome the issue. The reason the problem gets worse is the bully tends to think ignoring the issue is showing them up and they will just do more to get the attention they want to have and this could easily escalate to the point of having physical harm done to people.

3. When Something Is Seen Do Something About It

If people are a bystander and see some type of bullying happen, they should not stand by the sidelines and watch. This is the worst thing a bystander could do and this could easily lead to them being construed as part of the bullying action which is happening while they are watching. However, just by standing on the sideline people could end up as a target to the bully as well.

4. Keep Your Cool

Losing cool or tempers often leads to a quickly escalating fight. This is true for people who are a bystander to the action or even being bullied. By keeping their cool, people will finally have a chance to show the bully they are able to keep their cool and not have to be concerned about the bully getting the results and reactions which they want to have.

5. Deal With Each Problem On Its Own

Sometimes the bullying will come from a variety of points and can easily lead to people feeling like they are being overwhelmed. This is when people should know they should deal with each problem on its own. If they try to take on each problem right away, they can quickly become overwhelmed and confused on what they are trying to do and how it is supposed to be resolved. A key to the 10 ways to stop bullying is dealing with each problem on its own, instead of taking on each one.

6. Allow A Breather Instead Of Seeking A Solution Immediately

Some people will think an immediate solution should be sought out to the bullying. For example, people may have to shake hands right away and this could be a problem for a lot of people because the feelings are still present and the pain is right there. By shaking hands, it could lead to the bully getting to crush the other persons hand, but also could lead to the bully revealing they are still in control of the situation which is present.

7. Do Not Pass Judgment

People may be quick to judge the bullies and the people who they are bullying. However, some people need to realize it is not easy to judge and if they do pass judgment too quickly, they could end up selecting the wrong person to punish. Nothing is worse than accidentally punishing the person who is being bullied because they looked like they were the aggressor. A common problem people may is immediately passing on judgment, this is not the best thing to do in the 10 ways to stop bullying and can lead to the wrong person getting punished.

8. Make Sure Bystanders Are Checked As Well

Sometimes when people are standing around, they could end up being part of the bullies group. By checking the bystanders out, people can guarantee they are not going to be partaking in the bullying and will help to keep people away from the bullying aspect which they had been doing.

9. Seek Out Professional Help

Professional help may not seem like it is something which people need to have. However, when the bullying is becoming a common problem, people need to make sure they refer the bully to professional help. By having the professional help, people will see a change in the bully and know they are going to finally stop bullying people who are trying to help them or seen as being weak.

10. Have Help Or Specialized Training

Specialized training is invaluable for a lot of people when dealing with bullies. Some of this training could be how to deescalate a situation, but it could also be the training which people need to have to guarantee they can stop the bullying. Without this, people could end up over their heads when trying to break up the bullying which is going on. After all the training people will have a minimum of 10 ways to stop bullying, but may have more advice.

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