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Why Do People Commit Suicide?

People that plan to harm themselves rarely consider the consequences of their actions. However, the question still remains: why do people commit suicide?  The answer might be simple for those that have previously entertained the idea of self-harm; on the other hand, individuals that never considered suicide need to know how to help the people around them that demonstrate suicidal behavior. Lack of knowledge when it comes to such issue is not to be taken lightly. With the proper sort of information, you can help your loved ones before it’s too late. Read on to understand more about why people commit suicide.

They Are Depressed

Depression is a problem that’s more common than most people think. It’s one of the main reasons that lead to suicide. Signs of depression are often subtle and might be dismissed by others as a “phase.” However, it’s a serious illness that needs immediate attention. Here are a few signs that show that someone might be battling depression and that they might need professional help to prevent them from committing suicide.
Depressed people are constantly talking about how negative the world is; they also have a clearly negative disposition towards their own lives. This should be a clear sign that they are battling depression. These people do not see any good in their future. Not only do depressed people need the support of their loved ones, but they should also seek the help of a professional therapist, who would help them combat their depression and focus on the positive aspects of their lives.

They Are Psychotic

Psychosis is another mental illness that affects most people who try to commit suicide. Generally speaking, psychosis is a difficult condition to deal with, because patients tend to have wild mood swings. For instance, people suffering from bipolar disorder, which is a form of psychosis, will feel perfectly fine at any given moment and then demonstrate suicidal behavior the next. Such dramatic mood swings demonstrated by psychotic patients should definitely raise a red flag for their friends and family.
People that have psychotic outbreaks tend to forget what happened, so it is not unusual for them to completely block anything they might have done during this stage. During major psychotic outbreaks, patients will start talking incomprehensibly. It’s easy to dismiss this talk as nonsense, but serious attention should be paid to what they say then. If they say they are not feeling well or threaten to hurt themselves or others, action should be taken. If you cannot make out the words they are saying or their talk doesn’t make any sense, the help of a medical professional should be sought. This precautious measure is to guarantee the patient will remain safe and will not harm himself or anyone else.
Seeing a therapist will not only help patients feel better about themselves and the world but also protect them from hurting themselves or others. One of the problems you might face is getting the patient to seek help. Patients might resist and cause further harm to themselves or their families. However, in extreme cases, law enforcement might be sought to get patients to their therapists.

They Make Impulsive Decisions without Considering the Consequences

For some people, committing suicide is an impulsive decision. They get fed up with their lives and decide to end it without considering the impact of their actions. If you suspect a family member or a friend might harm themselves, you need to keep a close eye on them, especially if, in other aspects of their lives, they make decisions on impulse.
If you are faced with such a person, the first and most important thing you need to do is to “be there”! It’s definitely not easy to try to stop someone from ending their own life, but, with the proper support, attention, and care, you can do it. You can start by talking them out of their decision, explaining to them the negative impact this will have on their loved ones, and advising them to give more weight to the consequences of their actions. However, it should be noted that, if you feel your efforts are not working, professional help should be sought.

They Cry Out For Help and Get Nothing

People with suicidal tendencies often cry out for help. They usually seek guidance in a particular situation and might even ask for help in processing their thoughts and getting them in order. On the other hand, most of us are guilty of ignoring the signs and not providing the right assistance. This is usually the breaking point, where they might inflict harm upon themselves or other people.
It matters to note that, in such situations, all they might need is someone to talk to. Taking their problems lightly and not acknowledging that they are suffering could push them over the edge. Not receiving the right type of help might cause them to harm themselves. Educate yourself on the type of support you could provide and seek the help of professionals that could be of further assistance, offering practical tips that could help save a life.

They Have a Strong Desire to Die

Oftentimes people will experience a strong desire to die. This is one of the main reasons they decide to end their own lives. However, it should be noted that those who are strong enough to verbalize their feelings can seek the right type of help and save themselves.

They Made a Serious Mistake That They Believe Cannot Be Changed

Sometimes people will view their mistakes as irreversible. They believe that their errors cannot be changed. However, they need to realize that this is not always the case and that most mistakes can be fixed, even if there is a high price to pay. The key lies in recognizing mistakes and finding ways to correct them. If a loved one makes a fatal mistake that could push them to consider ending their own lives, make sure you listen to them, talk to them, and offer your unwavering support. Demonstrate to them that their mistakes, no matter how big they seem, are definitely not punishable by death!
Oftentimes, suicide attempts are disguised cries for help. Suicidal people genuinely do not know how to help themselves. When the idea of suicide crosses their mind, they often do not know what to do with it. This is why the answer to the question “why do people commit suicide?” should be given adequate attention. Keeping yourself knowledgeable about the dynamics of a suicidal mind will not only protect you if you hit a rough patch in your life but will also keep the ones you love safe from self-destruction.

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