What is Google Plus

What is Google Plus?

Owned and operated by Google Inc. and Launched in 2011, Google Plus is a social network that is described as a “Social Layer” to Google’s many services. According to Google, v is an “authorship tool”, meaning it associates any web content directly with its original rightful owner.

540 Million users active using the identity service aspect of Google Plus, using services like Youtube comments, Gmail and the +1 Button while around 300 million users are active monthly on the social networking aspect of Google Plus.

The Google Plus smartphone app is the fourth most used mobile application of all time and is currently present on 30% of all smartphone users in June 2013. Google Plus has 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week.

What is Google Plus ‘s List of Features?

1-      Circles

The Circles feature aims at setting up more personalized social circles, centered on hobbies, work or any personal activity. The service aims to personalize sharing with smaller groups instead of sharing with thousands or hundreds over bigger networks. Google Plus users can also make public feeds visible to everyone (even those without accounts) and open to comments from other Google Plus users.

2-      Huddle

The Huddle feature is basically a group chat for phones. Rather than individually sending SMS messages, Huddle can pool them together to make a group chat, but it cannot be seen to un-chosen viewers.

3-      Hangouts

Basically a video chat/instant messaging feature, Hangouts is different from the other applications out there because, according to Google, when a person steps into a hangout that means he/she is available, allowing a bigger sense of privacy and choice which other applications don’t seem to have. With Hangout, you can signal availability to some or all of your circles.

Hangout use is only available on the Web version of Google + currently and requires you to install a browser plugin.

4-      Sparks

Sparks is a suggestion engine that finds interesting Web items based on your interests. You can pick from categories of interest and share items you find with others in your stream.

5-      Instant Uploads

Instant Uploads is just an uploading app for your phone’s camera. It instantly uploads any photos or videos to a private album that you can selectively share with friends.

6-      Check-ins

Pretty much like Foursquare and Facebook Check-in, Google Plus allows location check-in from your phone. It integrates with Latitude check-ins.

What is Google Plus ‘s List of User Issues?

Google Buzz suffers privacy problems due to the fact that other people might not want to automatically be “Google Plus Friends” with their frequent email contacts. The other problem is basically a complaint over the “too technical” aspects of using it, some believe Google Plus might seem a bit tough for the not so technically literate. According to experts, Opening Google Plus testing to users outside the company could solve the problem and result in a much better product.

Another issue came from the public outcry from YouTube users as video creators and people commentators, as Google released a new requirement pushing anyone using Youtube to be forced to do so via the Google Plus account, whether they currently have one or not.

According to Forbes, The most noticeable change with this new integration is the comment system, where users now must comment using their Google Plus profiles, which more often than not, is their real names.

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