What is Flickr?

Launched in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005, Flickr (pronounced “flicker”) is an image hosting and video hosting website, and social network. In March 2013, Flickr reported over 87 million users and over 3.5 million photos and videos uploaded on daily basis.

What is Flickr ‘s List of Features?

1-      Flickr allows users to share, upload and embed personal photographs, making it the ultimate hub for image and photo lovers and bloggers looking to embed photos of theirs in blogs and social media networks.

2-      Photos and videos can be used and embedded from Flickr without a registration but in order to actually upload a photo on Flickr an account is needed.

3-      When registering for an account, the user can add a profile picture and add other flickr users as contacts.

4-      Flickr has official smartphone apps for the most used operating systems

5-      Flickr now allows users to label their images as suitable for stock use or as copyright free.

6-      Flickr allows all users one terabyte of free storage as of may 2013.

7-      Users can use “tags” to label photos for easier search and Flickr also enables users to organize photos and videos into “sets” or albums and these sets can be embedded into websites in the form of slideshows.

8-      Users can specify content and create filters based on the type of images and their “safety” levels which are basically whether this content will offend others or not. Non members can only view “Safe” content.

What is Flickr ‘s List of Membership Options?

Flickr has three kinds of accounts.

a)      Free – Allowing the free user a terabyte of storage with 200 MB per photo and a gigabyte per video.

b)      AdFree- Allowing subscribers to avoid any advertisement for an annual free

c)       Doublr- or an in other words, Double! , This includes two terabytes of storage.

What is Flickr ‘s Security Status?

While giving users the ability to upload photos marked “private”, it was revealed in 2013 that a system bug may have allowed users to view others’ “private” photos without them knowing.

According to this Source, Flickr sent emails to some users warning them that some of their photos marked “private” were instead made publicly available, the emails, signed by Flickr VP Brett Ways said “While performing routine site maintenance, we identified a software bug that may have changed the view setting on some of your photos from non-public (i.e., private or viewable only by family and friends) to public,” Those photos were visible publicly on Flickr between January 18th and February 7th, 2013.

“We’re deeply sorry this happened,” said Wayn. “We’ve put in place a number of additional measures to prevent this from happening again.”

According to the email, that system bug  affected images uploaded between April and December 2012.  It is worth noting that  1.4 million photos marked “public” were uploaded to Flickr daily in 2012, meaning that tens of millions of private photos could have been made public. Here is hoping this never happens again to millions of users using Flickr on daily basis.

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