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What is Bullying for Kids?

Are You The Rabbit or The Bear- What is bullying for kids?

Are you waking up feeling afraid to get on the bus or go to school? Do you get picked on at school, in the cafeteria, or on the playground? Ask yourself these questions; if you can answer “yes” to any of them, then you are being bullied. Or perhaps you are the one picking on other children at school, on the bus, or playground—then you are the bully. Do you know the story of the rabbit and the bear? Here, you will learn about bullies, who they are, what they are, and how to stop them. Learn how the rabbit outsmarts the bear with your classmates, family, and friends that care!

Who is the Bear?

The bear is the bully of this story, not a nice bear, like Winnie, the bear likes to pick on the rabbit because he is small, looks different, and does strange things like hopping, eating carrots, and digging holes.

Here is the what is bullying for kids definition of a bully: a bully is a person or a group that picks on you using mean, negative words to intimidate and hurt you, sometimes physically attacking you, hitting or pushing.

A bully:

  • Makes you feel scared, sick, sad, and embarrassed.
  • Says mean things to you or about you.
  • Takes your stuff, makes fun of you.
  • Leaves you out of groups when possible at school.

Now that you know what a bully is, are you the rabbit or the bear?

Bullies are often looking for attention themselves, trying to become popular with other students; or some bullies come from homes where it is common to see and hear abuse, and they may be a abuse / bullying victim themselves. According to, three-quarters of kids say they have been bullied, making this a big issue among school-age children.

Types of Bullying

Bullying has different forms. First we will learn what is physical bullying for kids. Physical Bullying is the act of intentionally hurting another person by fighting, hitting, or name calling. These acts, if not reported, will escalate until you tell someone! Physical bullying is the worst form of bullying, usually causes you to feel sick, miss school, or make you feel very sad and embarrassed.

Next we can learn what is verbal bullying for kids; to further help you understand the types of bullying, you need to know what type it is. Verbal Bullying is the act of another child or student:

  • Saying, texting, or posting negative things.
  • Name calling.
  • Threats, either in person or online.

With a purpose of humiliating you, hurting your feelings, or causing you pain, verbal bullying is now a concern on mobile and internet devices, allowing more freedom to bully online or through texts.

Which brings us to our last form of bullying, what is cyber bullying for kids. Cyber Bullying is the act of harassing and abusing someone online, by mobile phone or personal computer. A cyber bully can send you threatening texts or email, Facebook posts, or Twitter comments. A cyber bully also likes to post pictures, personal information, or videos, all intended to hurt, embarrass, and harass.

Hippity-Hop Getting the Bullying to Stop

Now that you know what a bully is, what they do, and how they do it, let’s learn about how to stop it and get help. The first step is telling a teacher, parent, or friend that you are being bullied—you will feel better once you let it out!

Letting school officials know is important too, so they can take the proper steps to keep you safe, addressing the bully with possible punishment. Even if you are six years old, you have civil rights! Do not be afraid to use them if you are being harassed about your:

  • Disability
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Gender

These are violations of your civil rights, and carry harsher penalties, if severe enough and your state has anti-bullying laws. Also if you see someone being bullied, you need to step up and try to help. Someone that is being bullied is often too scared to tell; you can help by telling someone for them—it is not tattling.

Pulling the Rabbit from the Hat

Now that you have learned what is bullying for kids, if you feel you are the bully, there is help for you too. Sometimes the bear gets tired of chasing the rabbit, realizing it is mean, unkind, and cruel.

‘Once a bully, always a bully’ does not have to be the case—talk to someone face to face. If you feel you are a bully but you cannot talk to anyone at home because you are afraid, talk to a counselor at your school. They will help you deal with your feelings of anger or pressures at home, and make amends with those you have hurt. Bullies can change too!

Getting the needed help for everyone in the situation is best for everyone involved. There are 45 states that have anti-bullying laws in place. Schools are incorporating bullying intervention and prevention programs into classrooms, learning from the students that are bullied and the ones doing the bullying. Thus, pulling the rabbit from the hat!

A Happy Ending

Now that you have learned what is bullying for kids, do you know a bear or a rabbit? You may know someone that is being bullied or know a bully—now you can do something about it! Being bullied can take away from your self-esteem, make you feel sad, and not want to go to school. Who wants that?

Step-up for your actions, apologize, or talk to someone that can help. There is time to change. Being a bully is NOT cool, everyone knows that now. Being mean is NOT cool, picking on kids is NOT fun. No one really likes a bully but everyone likes a happy ending! Help stop the bullying at your school, speak up, tell your story, and help those that need it. Get your friends to talk about bullying, and see if you know a bully or are one….


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