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Types of Workplace Bullying You Could Get Subjected to

Types of Workplace Bullying You Could Get Subjected to

Your workplace being a place where you spend a good portion of your day at has to be positive and uplifting. A negative workplace brings employees down thus has a direct effect on work productivity and efficiency.Learn more about the Types of Workplace Bullying you can get subjected to. 

It goes without saying that a healthy work environment has to be free from bullying. As bullying grows inside a workplace as well and is not just exclusive to school buses and yards. There are originally three Types of Workplace Bullying you can get subjected to.

Types of Workplace Bullying

  • An employee being bullied by an employer.
  • An employee bullying a fellow one.
  • An employee bullying an employer

Of course, the possibility of bullying varies between none at all and several workplace bullying cases, this is due to several factors; chief among them how clearly and directly the workplace regulations address and handle bullying as well as how ready the workplace environment is dealing with such irresponsible acts.

There are several Types of Workplace Bullying, but the most common Types of Workplace Bullying are those:

  1. Cyber-bullying: The case of cyber-bullying happens when workplace colleagues interact with each other on social media websites such as blog, facebook and twitter. It is defined as the use of technology to bully a person. The reason behind the sudden increase in the rate of cyber-bullying is the availability of internet access to almost everyone everywhere. If a colleague is not at the office, the bully can hide behind anonymity and offend the target without getting caught. Also, it is more common nowadays to have your office give you a take home laptop or blackberry to ease communication between colleagues. This also leads to an increase in the possibility of cyber-bullying as it gives easy access to everyone in the office via a closed group or such granting the bully full access to the target anywhere anytime.
  2. Gay Bullying: Although this type of bullying is more common in schools and colleges, it also might grow inside a workplace – especially if the workplace is somewhere that is linked to manly men through pop culture such as a plant or an oil field or the military for example. A person could suffer from that type of bullying and can end up giving up on the workplace or deeply depressed. Being constantly subjected to jokes and picking up on one’s sexual preferences has an enormous effect on one’s psychological health and well-being.
  3. Mobbing: Ganging up on an employee and spreading rumors and constantly making jokes about them is also a form of workplace bullying. It makes the target lose their sense of self-respect and puts them in a constant fear of saying or doing anything as it might turn against them. It is very common as it makes the target in a very vulnerable position even after working hours; the target might still get subjected to mobbing through cyber-bullying.
  4. Passive Aggression: Having your opinions ignored or your remarks overlooked, having to do tasks that are below your qualifications or anything that is linked with passive aggressive behavior happening in the workplace could be considered workplace bullying. This type of bullying is very broad as it is hard to trace and very hard to prove. Being in a workplace that gives you a constant cold shoulder is not healthy. Passive aggressive behavior towards a co-worker usually takes place between an employer and their employees where employees might be taken advantage of and treated disrespectfully.
  5. Rankism: The use of one’s position or rank in order to gain benefits from their employers without any right to do so is referred to as rankism. The exploitation of employers through resorting to the hierarchy which allows but does not permit that behavior is the way it happens. Your boss ordering you to pick up their laundry or get them coffee while these tasks fall out of your job description is a form of bullying as your employer knows her won’t take no for an answer.
  6. Sexual Bullying: Sexual bullying is making sexual references about someone’s sexuality to their faces or behind their backs. It is carried out through all forms whether emotional, verbal or physical harassment or abuse. Although it happens to everyone, it is more commonly directed at women. It is manifested through name calling, spreading rumors about someone in the workplace or making inappropriate gestures at them, asking for sexual favors in return for something work related like a promotion or a raise, it might even escalate to sexual physical touching or rape.

Of course, these are mere examples of Types of Workplace Bullying. There are other kinds that are not yet talked about and explored as these.

Spread the word about those Types of Workplace Bullying and tell us if you have been a victim of one of them yourself.

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