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Types of Bullying You Can Face at School

A school is somewhere you are forced to interact and deal with a lot of different people from different backgrounds. This has its advantages as it makes the student more adaptable and flexible through being subjected to all sorts of backgrounds and ideas but it also has a lot of disadvantages as not everyone is as tolerant and open as everyone else. Going to school is the norm for all youngsters and teenagers but it can be turned into a nightmare that is so impossible to deal with if you are the target of the school bully when no one can protect you. A youngster who is the target of the school bully can get bullied at any point of the day as student interact while waiting for the school bus, in the bus, in class, in the school yard and finally when they are waiting for their ride back home. Learn about the different types of bullying you can see at school!

Cyber bullying is a common way to practice bullying as well, which makes the bullying act carry on at anytime of the day and even on vacation as the bully reaches his target through social media websites, on their cell phone and possibly every time the victim decides to log online or check their phone. Bullying can turn the life of a student into continuous stress and anxiety although it is supposed to be a time where youngsters do not have to suffer from that sort of psychological discomfort. School should be a fun learning experience but at times, this platonic idea of school and friends from school gets completely ruined by the bully.

There are several types of bullying that you can be a victim of as a student and most of them leave permanent aches as school bullying happens at such a tender age when you are too young to know how to deal with it. Due to the lack of supervision from teachers on anything other than their classes, the victim can be tormented endlessly without having a witness to their suffering and helplessness. Most students do not report incidents of bullying as they are afraid from the parents’ or the supervisors’ reaction which might punish the victim instead of the bully. A great example to that is the fear of having internet privileges taken away from them as a solution to the cyber-bullying they are suffering.

Bullying is defined as consistent aggressive behavior exercised against the victim. This may happen in several Types of Bullying including the form of words as in saying something offensive or mean to the victim, physically as in beating the victim or physically intimidating them or emotional.

These types of Bullying in an abstract sense are hard to detect. However, they appear in similar forms to these:

Types of Bullying: Cyber Bullying: Some of today’s students use internet at home for finishing up school work or even socially connecting with friends after school. The presence of youngsters on social media and other websites makes it easier for them to bully their fellow students as they might be able to hide behind anonymity. Most students who get cyber-bullied are afraid to report or complain for fear of losing internet privileges or their cell phones. This sort of bullying is continuous and very dangerous. It gives so much room for the bully to practice his meanness and leaves the victim with so much helplessness and stress. It can be conducted via email, facebook, twitter, text messaging and even on one’s blog.

Types of Bullying: Disability Bullying: There are bound to be cases of disabilities in a schools and this does not make dealing with the disability any easier. Getting bullied for having a disability is very common in schools. The disability needn’t be obvious for other student to use it as means to hurt the victim. Some students make fun of and deliberately hurt people who are dyslexic or who suffer certain learning disabilities that have nothing to do with their physical appearance. This doubles the stress these students have to deal with and make it so much harder to make friends and lead a normal social life within school. Teachers are not always there to help those student and their parents are oftentimes helpless with combating all the meanness their children are being subjected to. The result could be home-schooling to the disabled student, while the bully goes unpunished.

Types of Bullying: Gay bashing: One case of bullying an openly gay child resulted in his suicide. Shaming and naming is a common practice in schools as students carry less experience with the diversity of lifestyles around them. This type of bullying is not exclusive to students who are openly gay, but extends to any male student who is a bit more feminine than what his classmates think he should be. The female version of that bullying is called slut shaming. Again, the girl must not have anything to deserve the slut shaming she is getting but she has to deal with its consequences. These two types are exceptionally hard to deal with because it exposes the sexuality of young students to judgment and misconception at a tender age and it takes a lot of work to normalize their conception of their own sexuality again.

Types of Bullying: Hazing: Hazing is a practice that is more common among college students or high-school students, more so than children or middle school. It entails a physical harm inflicted upon the freshmen or the new comers as a form of “welcome” from their seniors. These practices are common in sororities, fraternities and sports teams. Several reported incidents of hazing has left students dead or suffering from a disability. There are codes that consider having a felony although if nothing serious as death happens, the hazing goes unreported and unpunished.

Types of Bullying:  Mobbing: the act of ganging up on someone to emotionally, physically or psychologically hurting them is also a form of bullying. This form is exceptionally hurtful as it affirms a belief within the victim that a large number of people don’t like them and want them to suffer. This mostly happens in school yards, on school buses and while waiting for the ride to or from school. This may happen inside families too, when the whole family gangs up on a member to abuse him out or in of something.

Types of Bullying: Parental bullying: Setting a good example for your children is something that a few parents overlook. A child is most likely to bully others in school if they themselves are subject to abusive or uncaring parents or guardians. If the norm inside the place where children are raised is mostly abusive and unhealthy, children are inclined to take their unorthodox behavior out to the school with them. Special attention has to be paid to the kind of examples and role models parents are equipping their children with.

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