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Teacher Gets Kids to Smack Around Bully

Bullying is not new, but it has become a huge problem as it happens almost everywhere. However, the most common is school bullying. Students bully another student and even teachers torment the young students. Learn the story of when a Teacher Bullies Student. 

According to a survey, students in grades 6th to 10th are the ones who suffer from such issue the most. In the United States, there are about 30% of students who are bullied or become the bully on a regular basis. This is an alarming fact, but what is even more upsetting is that there are teachers who do the same.

Teacher Bullies Student

Instead of teaching the students how to live harmoniously with the other people in school, there are educators who not only condone bullying, but also do the mistreatment themselves. There have been many instances where a teacher student bullying took place. An example is the incident that happened in San Antonio, Texas specifically at the Ricardo Salinas Elementary School where recently, a Teacher Bullies Student.

The elementary school teacher claimed that she was helping her students deal with a bully. The bully was a kindergarten student who weighed 50 pounds. Police reports stated that the bully’s teacher went to another teacher who had an experience with disciplining bullies. Of course, this was not a good solution because the second teacher was said to have the bully sat down in front of the other kids as they all took turns in hitting the boy.

Officials reported that the teacher told the children to hit the boy harder as about eight kids struck the kindergartner who was only six years old. The bully’s teacher did put a stop to the incident, but it already happened. The boy may have told his mother who immediately filed a complaint. In the end, the teacher lost her job because of this outrageous event.

More on Teacher Bullies Student

The incident that took place in San Antonio is not the only one where there is a teacher butting bully. A simple search about a teacher beating up a student will bring up thousands of results. There are even videos to prove just how foul some people truly are. Videos of teachers kicking, punching, and shouting at a child are easy to find, but until now, bullying is still persistent.

Teacher Bullies Student: How Parents Can Protect Their Children

If your child is going through a tough time at school, there are steps that you can take to stop this bullying from ever happening again. The time to act on this problem is now. Remember that bullying will not go away without intervention especially coming from the parents. You, as a mother or a father, have a big role to play to keep such incidents from occurring. Here are some suggestions regarding the actions that you should take as a parent:

  • Make the child talk to you. Your child should feel that it is safe for him or her to talk about her problem. According to experts, parents should attempt to hide their emotional reaction. Do not tell your child that you want to talk or ague with the bully’s parents or even the bully himself. The best way to help your child is to remain calm as you ask important questions.
  • Teach your child how to protect himself or herself. Tell your son or daughter to say “stop” whenever there is someone who attempts bullying. Another way is to tell them that one of the first things that they should do is to find an adult. Research has shown that bullies stop their aggressive behavior once there is someone nearby.
  • Talk to school superiors. Visit the school and have a discussion with the classroom teacher or the school principal. Once again, be calm in your approach. Do not go to the school shouting and screaming even though you are enraged about the situation. This will only make things worse and other students or even your child might imitate your actions in the future. Instead, make it clear to the school superiors that you are committed to helping them solve the problem.
  • Help your child in socializing. Most children who are bullied or being bullied stop making friends. Do not let this happen to your kid. Arrange opportunities for your child to meet other people and have fun with them. This will allow him or her to maintain a robust support system.
  • Encourage your child to be more resilient to maltreatment. You can help your child be strong even during bullying. One way is to provide a loving home where he or she feels safe. Allow your child to develop strengths and other positive attributes so that your son or daughter will be more confident in school.

There are a lot of things that parents can do to bully-proof their child. Hopefully, the tips above can help you and your child develop practical strategies in dealing with school bullies.

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