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Stalking Website: Get Help in Dealing with Stalkers

stalking website

Teenagers should understand that dealing with a stalker on one’s own can be dangerous. There is no guarantee that a cyber-stalker who cannot get your attention online will not try to ruin your “real world” existence. This is especially true of stalkers who live in your local area and/or know your address and where you to go school. Learn more about how a stalking website can help prevent actual stalking.

Anti stalking website notes that one of the top ten mistakes that stalking victims make is failing to get help from family members and trustworthy friends. Unfortunately, many people are too embarrassed to tell someone that they are being stalked online. Young people may feel that they are at fault, especially if the stalking arose as a result of breaking parental guidelines regarding internet usage. However, a victim without assistance is extremely vulnerable; what is more, he or she may be putting the entire family at risk. This is especially if the stalker is mentally imbalanced.

Stalking Website: What Should Parents Do?

The importance of keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities cannot be overstated. You need to not only set clear ground rules as to what is and is not allowed but also do everything in your power to ensure that these are enforced. At the same time, explain to your teenager why you are making these rules and help him or her understand the dangers of giving personal information to people they do not know in real life.

Parents should also keep an eye on a child’s moods and feelings. A young person who suddenly starts doing poorly in school, has a hard time sleeping, lacks appetite and seems to be more fearful and worried than normal should not be ignored. While these and other symptoms may arise for any one of a number of reasons, they can also be signs that a young person is being stalked by someone online or in “real life”.

Do not hesitate to get involved in your child’s life if you have a gut feeling that something is not right. If your child will not talk to you, get professional counseling.

If your child tells you that he or she is being stalked, take it seriously. Ask your child if he or she knows the stalker; chances are the stalker may be a jilted or wannabe love interest from school, a jealous former friend or a high school bully with too much time on his or her hands. Ask your child if he or she has saved any email, chat records or other forms of communication from the stalker; this evidence can help the police catch the person and/or be used as evidence against the stalker in court.

Stalking Website: Getting Outside Help

Do not hesitate to get outside help when it is warranted. If the stalker is threatening some form of physical violence, contact law enforcement. Such threats are illegal and police can arrest a stalker for making them. You can then press charges against the stalker.

If the stalker is a young person from your teen’s school, you may also want to notify school authorities. Depending on the nature of the school’s rules and the behavior exhibited by the stalker, this may be grounds for the stalker’s suspension or even expulsion.

If your child is being stalked via social media sites, you can contact these sites and report the stalker’s user name. Social media sites do not permit stalking and can ban users who engage in this form of malicious behavior.

As one governmental anti-stalking website notes, you should never take stalking lightly or attempt to handle it on your own. Stalking is a serious matter, as those who are engaging in this behavior may become physically violent if their demands are not met. Young people should understand the warning signs of potential stalkers and report stalking to parents. Parents need to take such reports very seriously, even if the stalker has not threatened to use physical violence. Parents can help young people take some matters in their own hands by either blocking stalkers from contacting them or changing their phone number and/or email information. However, if these measures fail to work, it is important to contact law enforcement officials, school officials (when warranted) and find a way to press charges against the guilty party.

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