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Spotting a Stalker Today

Spotting a Stalker

Spotting a Stalker: How to Spot a Stalker

  • Constant text messages
  • Unannounced visits or persistent calls to your workplace
  • They send gifts such as flowers and bizarre items
  • Follow you by car or on foot
  • Destruction of property
  • Manipulative behavior
  • Confront in a private or public place.
  • Making unwelcome and unwanted phone calls
  • Sending unsolicited e-mails and harassing (cyber stalking)
  • Following the victim
  • Surveillance the victim
  • Trespassing
  • Damaging property
  • Spreading false rumors about the victim
  • Threatening to harm the victim

Spotting a Stalker: Signs That You Might Have a Stalker

You do not need to be a celebrity to have a stalker. Many men and women filed for restraining orders that are not celebrities nor even popular. As a matter of fact, more than three million people throughout America reported to be stalked in 2006. With the increase of social media and technology, it is constantly growing. This is why it is important that you are familiar with the signs or indicating whether you have a stalker or not.

Spotting a Stalker: You always see the same person in different places

It is not a red flag if you see the same person daily in the gym or workplace, but if you see or bump across the same person is totally different places more than thrice, then  it is time to be vigilant. For example, you see the person looking at you constantly in the restaurant, and you bump again each other in the grocery store, nearby your home or arks.

Spotting a Stalker: The feeling of being watched

Stalkers love observation just so they can collect as much information as possible. If you felt that you are being watched, then look around you. Do not forget to look at the distance to see if there is a person taking pictures or looking at you through binoculars.

Spotting a Stalker: Receiving regular text messages, emails and phone calls 

If you receive text messages or phone calls from people you do not know, it might be a sign of stalking. Be very mindful of people not talking or hanging up when you pick up the phone. There is a good chance that they are just monitoring you if you are at home.

Spotting a Stalker: You are a victim of crimes like vandalism, burglary and the likes

Stalkers love to see their victims frightened. They may damage your car. They may break your home. They want you to know that they have a great access to your belongings.

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