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Stories: Silent Victims of Bullying

Silent Victims of Bullying

Many people don’t realize the true effects of bullying and cyber bullying. Others underestimate the dangers therein. It’s important to understand that not all acts of aggression are bullying, when someone is truly honest in their criticism, with intent on helping another individual, a hard truth may be revealed. It’s important to know ourselves fully so that we may grow and progress. Who gives a voice to the Victims of Bullying?

However meaningless, senseless slander, ridicule, and aggressive acts have and will continue to lead people, and especially our youth to unimaginable lows. Bullying can lead to severe social defects, early onset depression, low self esteem, and sometimes in more severe cases even death. No child should ever feel that they have absolutely no other option to escape from harsh ridicule than taking their own lives. No person should ever be judged as lesser for who they are, or what interests them. Sexual orientation, poverty, physical appearance, or disability are not things any one human being can hold over the head of another in ridicule. But these things often go unseen, cries for help are unheard, and children are left to battle these negative thoughts and feelings on their own. These stories are just a small few representing the true damaging effects of bullying, something you can help to put an end to forever and give a voice to the victims of bullying.

“I remember being in ninth grade and scared of a girl whose locker was right next to mine. She would call me names, have her friends follow me and threaten to physically hurt me. I was afraid to go to school and had difficulties expressing my feelings of pain, confusion and despair. I wish that I could talk to someone who could offer me guidance and support. I felt so alone and as a result had problems focusing and developing relationships in school. My feelings of safety no longer existed. I felt like no one cared if I was at school. So sad that their were very few people to turn to….  “

Silent Victims of Bullying: Michelle

” I remember going to middle school and being made fun of constantly because I have a big nose. I could never escape it. I would have to choose every word I said carefully because I was afraid people would use my big nose against me. Every time somebody had an opportunity to make jokes, laugh, say I was ugly they would take it. It scarred me for life. At the age of eleven I was asking my mom for a nose job because I was so insecure about it. I hated myself for something I couldn’t control. I felt worthless and disgusting, like I should just die. Once I got into high school, I thought it had stopped, but it only got worse. Facebook pages were made with my picture on it with the name Tucan Sam for my name. It was humiliating. Those Facebook pages were there for everybody to see and laugh at me as if I were some sort of clown for their amusement. I couldn’t go through any argument with a person without their ending comeback being “well you have a f***ing big nose and you’re ugly.” How is that supposed to make a 14 year old girl feel. I still live with this insecurity now through college. I was lucky that I have my family to love and support me, and I didn’t do anything drastic, not everybody is as lucky as I am. Erase the hate, stop bullying.  “

Silent Victims of Bullying: Stephanie

“Rachel Ehmke, a 13-year-old seventh grader in Mantorville, Minn., died  after hanging herself at her home. The months leading up to the tragedy were a whirlwind of peer abuse instances, her parents say.

Now following Rachel’s Friday funeral that was met with widespread community condolences, Rick and Mary Ehmke are speaking out against the bullying they say their daughter endured at Kasson/Mantorville Middle School and online.

Rachel’s family and friends say the teen fell victim to school bullying last fall when her chewing gum was stuck to her textbooks and the word “slut” was scrawled across her gym locker the Austin Daily Herald reports. And while she was outgoing, athletic and friendly, the same group of girls reportedly threatened Rachel and kept calling her a “prostitute,” thigh she had never kissed a boy according to KMSP.

Two days before Rachel’s death, an anonymous text was sent to other students at the school, KARE reports.

“It was pretty explicit. Something to the effect of that Rachel was a slut and to get her to leave the Kasson-Mantorville School, forward this to everyone you know,” parent Chris Flannery told the station.

But after the text was reported to authorities, it was traced to someone who wasn’t in school, according to Minnesota Public Radio. The district’s bullying policy prohibits threats both in person and online, and promises investigations within 24 hours of any reported bullying.

Rachel reportedly pleaded with her father not to mention the bullying to school officials, for fear of worsening the situation. A note that her parents found after her death read, “I’m fine = I wish I could tell you how I really feel,” alongside a picture of a broken heart, according to KMSP.”

“A 9-year-old Brooklyn girl has become the latest victim of severe bullying at school, having been subjected to what the New York Post describes as”vile physical and sexual abuse.” According to the victim, she was molested in a school bathroom by two male students who beat her and forced her to drink toilet water. Her attackers reportedly threatened to kill her if she reported them. But after a second assault at school, the young girl notified school officials.”

These along with countless other reports are a true testament to how bad bullying can really be. There is no natural cure for bullying, we must educate, and teach kindness and respect. We have to listen to our children, and be there for them when they need it most. As people we must be better, we must be accepting and loving and steer clear of judgement of others as we are all the same and all entitled to the same treatment. Put an end to bullying today, share your story, look into the hearts of others, and make it your mission to promote love and compassion, instead of hate and intolerance.

Learn more about the victims of Bullying here. 

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  • Victoria Sutton
    Aug 02, 2013 at 06:48 am

    My bullying has been a 13 yr struggle. Initially I was told I was a poor performer; realistically I was PLACED in a job that I could not possibly perform. My bully became my Spv, saw that I was struggling and further set me up by forbidding that I ask for help in the office. This went on for 2 or so years and I developed severe panic attacks, enough so I took the maximum allowed FML leave 2 years in a row. In part, without anyone’s assistance I was treading water but unable to improve. Each Friday Mgr & Spv held a Performance Review mtg only to state I had not improved. I already knew!

    Eventually fired; my IQ and brain function became the subject. I was to have a neuropsychological exam in order to maintain employment. I was outraged at this invasion and refused. So, fired. My Union saved my job position once I had this brain function testing I could come back to work.

    This was 7 years back. My first day I was in the Mgr’s office who was kind and understanding. He was reading the results found in my confidential report out loud. above average, above average, above average. With this my bullying supervisor stated IN FROnt of her superior “And here I thought you were stupid.” I was numb, already knew she felt this. The Mgr did not react to such a Statement!!

    Way more to tell but the realistically I should have been placed elsewhere rather than under the very same bullying person. And here I am another 9 years. This has been ignored by all until very recently. Yet as difficult as it is to prove my claims, I know I will prevail. Sadly the bullying is entrenched. However I’ve an enormous amount of documentation in which to find multiple examples.

    I am now very ill. 1st Fibromyalgia and severe chronic fatigue. I’ve also devoped my 2nd autoimmune disorder. Rhuematiod Arthtis! My chances for exployment else where are null as I miss a tremendous amount of time under the Family Medical Leave Act.

    My symptoms readily subside during vacation make me certain the this treatment has damaged.

    Thank you for listening and good luck to all of use as we endure and I pray that each of use find the resolution to prevail! Stay strong.

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