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Should Pornography be Banned by Pornography Laws ?

Should Pornography be Banned by Countries and Lawmakers

The question of banning pornography by countries and lawmakers comes under the majority of personal opinion. Many countries and lawmakers feel that pornography and hard-core pornography have definite negative effects on the populace. Learn about pornography laws now!

While those who feel there is nothing wrong or sinful about pornography as a form of entertainment seems to be in the minority. Then there is the question by those individuals that by removing porn from television and the internet it is interfering with freedom of speech and written word.

Iceland and Pornography Laws

Iceland is one country that feels there are high risks for dangerous side effects of child pornography and porn accessed through computer systems, gaming systems and a number of mobile devices. Iceland wants to draft a law that prohibits individuals from downloading porn using their credit cards.

The majority of the populace feels that child pornography, violent and hard-core pornography has serious side effects on the younger populace. Iceland found that viewing such material links with violent crimes.

There is a ban on the printing and distribution of pornography; however, Iceland has found it more difficult to curb pornography access via the internet, which comes as no surprise to a number of countries. This country is using their technical wizards to find a way to eliminate internet access for the sake of the youth of that country.

The country of Iceland’s focus is to protect women, children, and the civil rights of women in pornographic material. Lawmakers deny that these laws are about freedom of speech, but of the equality of children and gender. Other countries such as Finland, Norway and Sweden are close behind Iceland in structuring new pornography laws.

These laws are set in place because Iceland feels there is an increase in violence, and this is harming children as young as eleven years of age when they watch this material. The increase in violence is due in part to the increase in violent pornographic material. Some say this is no excuse to eliminate pornography, because the parents should monitor that child’s internet time and actions.

Many feel that Iceland is going to be the first country to stand up to the bullies of pornography and child pornography industry. Who knows what will happen in the future. Iceland was able to ban all strip clubs in 2010. Maybe they can pull this off, only time will tell. If they are able, more countries will follow on their heels.

England Had Little Public Support to Ban Pornography with Pornography Laws

In 2012, England attempted to construct new laws limiting the type of pornography available to Britain. At that time, the majority of England’s populace was not in favor of eliminating pornography and the proposed laws had weak public support. These laws made no headway.

It has taken the majority of countries at least twenty years to realize the negative effects that pornography has on individuals, and many countries feel it needs to stop.

This year the European Union may design laws to ban pornography in all sources, such as media, internet, mail, emails and print. Many groups and private individuals believe that there is only a slim chance this happens.

The United States and Pornography Laws

Conservative groups within the United States like the way that Iceland is heading; however, there are large sections of the United States Government who are for the pornographic industry. Many people know that it is a federal crime to use the internet, general mail, satellite television or cable television to distribute hard-core pornography.

Unfortunately, the attorney general has shut down the government department in the United States that regulates pornography. These laws are in place, but there is no one to enforce them in the United States.

Pornography Laws: Is There Peace Anywhere?

There are many people in a mixture of countries that believe people can live in a wholesome society, where there is no crime, people enjoy life to the fullest, and families are happy and healthy. This place presents peace and joy. These individuals say it is a world without pornographic industries.

These same people believe that the foundation of crime worldwide is any kind of pornography in society. In order to make a difference in the world, pornography needs to end for good. All the good things in life are at risk as long as pornography is alive, well, and easily accessible to children and adults.

More people than less believe that if lawmakers removed all forms of pornography, such as banning the production, distribution, possession, media, printing, and internet we would see a definite decrease in all other crimes.

Pornography Laws: Banning Pornography Bars Freedom of Speech

Those who are for banning all aspects of pornography say that the individuals hollering about freedom of speech do not hold a candle to the concerns and social problems that pornography is responsible for creating.

Since there are large groups of conservatives and liberals worldwide, governments are going to receive mixed sentiments regarding the pornography industry. It all depends who is in government power at the time these laws comes up for discussion.

Pornography Laws In Conclusion

Should there be a ban on pornography? Is a ban on pornography possible or likely? Does it matter what individuals think? These questions have to be answered on an individual basis.

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  • Abijit Bose
    Dec 04, 2014 at 06:49 pm

    Please keep the vigil, hold a candle. Producing, possessing and spreading pornography is a crime. Freedom of speech/information that hurts others in many dangerous ways should be nabbed at all levels by all countries.

  • Abijit Bose
    Sep 17, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Please keep the vigil, hold a candle. Producing, possessing and spreading pornography is a crime. Freedom of speech/information that hurts others in many dangerous ways should be nabbed at all levels by all countries.

  • Dwight Martin
    Mar 22, 2016 at 04:22 pm

    If I pay the internet bill and my mortgage and choose to watch people have sex in the privacy of my home, how does that harm or affect anyone? Mind your own business. Animal porn, kid porn, and violent porn should be banned and the govt certainly has ways to track that activity but if porn on my PC is the same as what my wife and I do then I guess I should be arrested for having sex?

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