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Sexting Websites — Helpful, Harmful Or In-Between?

Sexting Websites

Sexting Websites — Helpful, Harmful Or In-Between?

In today’s times of high, ever-increasing technology, social profiles and gadgets that are constantly being upgraded to appeal to today’s consumers, it seems only natural that such technology can either be harmful or helpful. It’s a rarity nowadays to find someone who isn’t connected to mass media in some way.

Whether we use technology on the job or for our own personal use, there’s no escaping that it’s so commonplace that we can hardly imagine life without it. As previously mentioned, technology and how we choose to implement it into our daily lives can either be beneficial or detrimental. It all depends on the mentality and intent of the user.

Naturally, nearly every child living today can’t resist the lure and appeal that mass technology has to offer. From games he or she can upload on Facebook to following the habits of today’s latest celebrities on sites such as Twitter to performances on YouTube — there’s simply no getting around the fact – technology in all forms is highly addictive.

Expecting even the youngest child to go twenty-four hours without accessing a favorite site on a gadget such an iPad is unrealistic. Even adults can’t fathom going a day without going online, his (or her) cell phone, blackberry or laptop. And, of course, there’s no limit to what sort of sites can actually be accessed.

The Internet is inundated with every kind of site displaying every kind of topic we can ever hope to find! There are websites available to help us with our research, with items we’d like to purchase, personal profiles, criminal background checks, and even websites for sexting.

Many of the websites provide unrestricted access – you don’t have to be a certain age or at a certain level or maturity to access. There’s no parental consent requirement. This includes many of the free sexting websites – a concept of which has met with some controversy in recent years.

While some adults who are looking for love, a date or a no strings attached sexual encounter, sexting websites may provide them with a partner or their dreams. Adult dating sites can offer unlimited thrills and the fun of meeting new people without the worry of commitment.

Some of the best sexting websites will post reviews, allow users to specify their tastes, take quizzes to target compatibility, post the effectiveness rates, and allow you to visit to get a feel for exactly what they have to offer. You can view the TOP TEN from a list based on user preference. Other sites may actually allow users to meet and communicate through video chat and even email to get a sense of the one another’s’ personality.

Sexting picture websites post pictures of various “members”, users and participants. Depending on your tastes and the site regulations, you can communicate with the individual who appeals to you as often as you like.

For kids and young people, it’s a whole different ball game. The aforementioned should never, ever be considered an activity for minors, nor should it ever be minimized as such. This is NOT a leisurely childhood activity and is often fraught with abuse and corruption.

In some states, even chatting online and posing as a child yourself in an effort to lure a young person to meet you in private is a crime. Parents – take note!

Your young person is still developing, may is naïve, vulnerable, feel pressure to conform and has not yet experienced what a full-fledged relationship has to offer. He or she needs you to be educated now more than any other time in history about the evils in the world today. Sexting is just ONE of many!

While such activity is increasingly popular, given the naturally inquisitive nature so common in the average young person, online sexting websites are frequently visited . Visitors to such sites don’t even need a PC or laptop to access them.

Mobile sexting websites exist today, allowing Internet users to have unlimited access easily on any cell phone. This is not a concept that most parents find particularly appealing, since parental controls and censorship is sometimes hard to implement.

The average parent does not want his child gawking over sexting pictures online. In some cases, by the time it is discovered that a child has indeed been engaging in such an activity, the child may have already become quite adept at actually posting his or her own pictures on popular teenage sexting websites. This is typically the case long before the child even recognizes that such activity makes her ripe for exploitation, harassment, stalking and other forms of ongoing abuse.

Even scarier is the fact that since so many individuals are online round-the-clock on a daily basis, there’s no limit to who may have already viewed society’s most innocent citizens in a wide array of compromising, explicit photos.

So what’s the modern parent to do in regards to insuring that their children are protected online? First parents should be proactive in every aspect of their sons or daughter’s life. If you don’t know how to already, learn how to navigate technology and review the history of all sites accessed. Open these sites to review the content posted.

Parents should also make sure that their children are safe by recognizing the many dangers involved with sexting photo websites. These dangers include:

• Children and young people can be lured to engage in sexual intercourse

• Sex offenders and pedophiles may indiscriminately access sites where children have posted nude photos

• Young girls are common targets

• A startling majority of young people admit to having sent or received a sexually explicit photo (known as a SEXT)

• Children are unaware that such photos can (and often do) wind up on the Internet for anyone to see – including people they want to impress

• Psychological consequences – such as depression, anxiety, and even abuse of drug and alcohol – are often the consequences of sexting

• Teens who engage in sexting often become victims of cyber bullying

• Teens may feel pressured and later suffer extreme embarrassment since their reputations are at stake with sexting activities

• Sexually explicit photos remain online indefinitely

• While bills and legal discussions against penalties for sexting do exist, they are still relatively new and may/ may not be strongly enforced, depending on your state.

• Sexting may also be considered as being closely related to child pornography, which is punishable by law

• Sexting may also result in strong repercussions/ penalties for the boy or girl who engages in it – this includes treating such behavior as a crime and forcing a child into a program geared for juvenile offenders

• Fees may be required before the activity can be expunged from a minor’s record

Based on the above, it is essential that parents and guardians have frank, open discussions with their children about the dangers of sexting. This includes the severe, lifelong consequences.

It is NOT just an innocent activity that should just be dismissed as “kids will be kids”. This is not an innocuous issue that can just be ignored in hopes that it will just go away. Actually, it will NOT just go away. It is on the rise, very popular amongst young adults and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.

Oftentimes it is the result of some form of peer pressure – young people, particularly teenagers, are surrounded by friends who are posting nude or partially nude pictures of themselves online.

The lure to be popular is at its peak during the teenage years, especially if the teen is involved in his or her first romance. Boys may pressure their girlfriends to disrobe and take pictures of her, claiming that the photos will be for his eyes only. He may beg and plead for her to become a part of his personal collection, adding that she is special and unique. He may even commit to confidentiality.

Advise the young lady in your life to not be misled and to NOT BELIEVE THIS FOR ONE MOMENT! This includes even if she were led to believe mistakenly that the romance will last a lifetime (keeping in mind that teenage “romances” change as often as the seasons!)

Once that photo is snapped and saved it can end up ANYWHERE online and circulate within just SECONDS. Such photos typically wind up on display and can come back to haunt her when she least expects it!

Her friends and schoolmates may start to make comments – and not everything that’s relayed to her will be particularly nice or flattering. She may fall victim to cyber or direct bullying – another common occurrence. After all, such photos do not paint the subject in a positive light. This also includes allowing someone to take explicit video, regardless of how brief the footage may be.

And what about the future? Suppose she wants to impress a certain college or an employer when seeking her first real world position following high school graduation?

Conducting background checks is a common process utilized by most employers to extract information on the candidate that the agency is considering as a candidate. The last thing anybody needs to see is an online photo of a young person partially clad or without clothes at all!

Even a “PRIVATE” Facebook video of her disrobing for what she may have believed were her boyfriend’s eyes only can be damaging to her reputation. How can anyone feel good about her previously GOOD name wondering when and if such photos will resurface after having posed for them?

It’s vital that parents sit down with their daughters AND their sons and have frank discussions about any kind of sexual behavior BEFORE the worst happens. Parents should make themselves approachable to their kids at all times. Children should not be shy about bringing up the topic with their parents because mom and dad are squeamish or old-fashioned about sexual activity.

Parents should also be aware of who their child’s friends and peer groups include. There should be open communication at all times when the child is of dating age and especially when he or she begins to display interest in the opposite sex. Parents should know who their son or daughter is dating and where they are going.

Secrets, clandestine activities, off-limits unchaperoned gatherings at undisclosed locations and slumber parties should never be tolerated. Know where your child is and in whose company he (or she) is in at all times. Enforce curfews with consequences if not adhered to strictly.

Parents should also ask about the types of websites the child is visiting and accessing through the history feature. Don’t be afraid to demand introductions of anyone who may be new to your child’s social circle. Many parents have found regular monitoring of electronic devices and parental control features to be especially helpful also.

Some service providers offer specific plans to monitor online activities closely. Special technology exists that allows parents to see their children in real-time, stream locations and send text alerts while their kids are away from home. It’s best that concerned parents educate themselves on their options.

Take the necessary steps to make sure that your most precious commodity is never compromised. That commodity is none other than your son or daughter.

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