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The Latest on Sexting in the United Kingdom


When it comes to new technology there are tons of things that many people have no real clue about, one of those is sexting. This is a fairly new practice that has gotten lots of people into trouble but that can also be quite fun when used properly. It is always helpful that when you try something new like sexting, you know both the basics and a few more complexities.

What is Sexting?

Sexting means, to send pictures, dirty texts, and other sexually fueled content to another person. When this is done between two consenting parties, it can be fun. It does have some perils however that you should know. Sexting can be dangerous if you do not guard who you send the messages to and if they decide that they are going to send them to other people or show them even. In many places, including the UK, there are laws in the works that prohibit sexting of any kind for all ages.

Sexting is often something that couples do to spice things up and keep them interesting. Often, it does end up leading to other things and when it is not used properly, it can be seen as harassment if both parties are not consenting, it can be seen as pornography if both parties are not above the age of consent, and it can even be seen as dangerous if one or more of the parties involved do not decide to keep it to themselves. In the UK, 38% of teenagers age 13-18 report having received sexually explicit text messages. 70% of the same group surveyed knew the sender, and another 40% saw nothing wrong with sharing these intimate images with others.

Sexting Examples

There are tons of different examples of sexting. The first, and most common is simply sending dirty messages to one another that are suggestive or that have a sexually suggestive undertone. These are not all that nefarious in and of themselves and if one party does not want to take part, you can usually stop the activity fairly quickly here and not cause any real issue. This is often the first stage of any sexting relationship. Though these relationships are often exclusive, there are 58% of teens in the UK that were not aware that their images had been shared beyond the scope of the relationship.

Sending messages that are only words has no real consequences if either party decides that they no longer want to send the messages. It is far easier to end a sexting relationship if it is just words. The next level however and example that is common is of course pictures. This can be pictures that are in any level of undress or that are sexually explicit or that have very strong sexual connotations. These do not have to be fully nude or even partially nude photos but can be things like one party dressed in a sexy costume, in a sexy pose, or just in a seductive manner. In the UK, it is fairly common for teens to sext one another as it is in other countries. It is not all that uncommon for a person, in the UK or other country, to send messages to another person without really thinking about what they are doing.

This is very common and is often what people start with before they graduate to more intense communications. The last example that you may see is of course naked photos that are either fully or mostly nude and that are of a very sexual nature. These are photos that can and are often used against one party or the other when the relationship dissolves or when the two parties decide that they do not want to be part of the sexting relationship any more. This is fairly common and though these are the most common texts that are sent, they are still the texts that are most often used against one member of the relationship.

Sexting Tips

Knowing what to do when you actually decide to take part in a sexting relationship is the first step to any sort of successful communication. The first tip that anyone can share regarding this type of communication is that you should always find a person that is trustworthy. Though it may seem like a great idea to send your boyfriend of three months a picture of you topless, unless you are sure that those photos are not going to get out, it is not a good idea. You should make sure that you know the person that you are sending and receiving photos from and that they are going to keep them safe and delete them if you ask.

The next tip that you can think of is to think very carefully about what you send. Though the other person may be trustworthy and you may want them to have the photos, you need to make sure that even if you do not think the photos will get out, you should make sure that you would not be devastated if they did get out. No one wants to have naked photos floating around but you should be sure that you do not send them if they can compromise your life if they are leaked.

The last tip you want to keep in mind is of course that you should take the time to really talk with the person that you are sharing photos with and discuss where you want the relationship to go and what you want to happen to the photos if you do happen to part ways. You should have a plan for disposing of the photos should something happen so that you can be sure that if you do end up ending the relationship, you know what to do with the photos.

The last tip you should ever consider is what to send. This means that after you have all the practical stuff out of the way, you can then start to think of fun ideas of what to send. It is always best to get the practicalities out of the way so that you can see just what you are going ot send and so that you are not going to jump into a sexting relationship without thinking it through first.

Dirty Sexting, Sexting Pictures and More

There are two types of sexting, the first is of course the fun and flirty sexting that is not completely sexual. This is often just playful banter and that is not all that serious. This is something that is not all that sexual either. Often this just means flirting, suggesting, and never really coming out right and saying something sexual. This is almost always just fun texting that is not really considered sexting per se. The other type of course is sexting that is sexual and that hints at something more. This is very common and is something that most people that are in a sexual relationship try at least once.

Dirty sexting is by far one of the most common and the most dangerous forms of sexting.  If those pictures and texts get into the wrong hands they have the potential to ruin lives and to ruin reputations. As mentioned before, when you start sexting pictures you need to be sure that you are sending them to someone that is not going to spread them all over the internet and that you are aware of what could happen should the photos get out.

Dangers of Sexting

There are some dangers that you should be aware of and knowing what they are is the best way to stay safe. No messages that you send are ever truly private. You may send them to one person but there is always a record of them somewhere that can be traced back to you. That being said, your photos are never truly private once you hit send. You should be sure that you truly want to send these messages and that you take care when you do finally decide to send them.

Another thing that you should think about is the fact that if a phone is lost or stolen, those photos can again be seen. It is always best to make sure you are fully aware of what you are doing and that it is the choice that you wan to make without a doubt. Lastly, sexting can be considered harassment and can even be illegal if the state or area where you live has a law for it or if the person you are messaging is under age. You should make sure that all parties are consenting and of appropriate age before any relationship starts. Sexting can be fun if you are careful.

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