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What To Know About Sexting Pics

Sexting Pics

Sexting has become a frequently discussed subject in the media today, we always hear about celebrities or other famous authority figures and their leaked sexting pics. To sext pics means sending and/or receiving sexually explicit photos from one person to another. Normally, this is performed with cell phones, social websites, or e-mails. The word sexting derived from the terms sex and text.

The History of Sexting Pics

The act of sexting came about at the beginning of the 21st century and as of August 2012 the term can be defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Many studies started being conducted on this new phenomenon. High volumes of people admitted to sexting pics, age groups ranging from 14 to 50 were found to have either sent or received sexting nude pics by text message.

After these studies began the media readily made them available to the public causing a lash out from citizens everywhere. Sexting pics earned the label of child pornography and soon thereafter the media around it started to die down. People who were involved in the collection of interviews from the previous studies twisted their stories around to prevent themselves or their organizations from being caught up in any legality issues.

Surprising Facts about Sexting Pics

In February of 2014, a security software maker, McAfee, released a study discussing technology and love. This study was conducted to find out how many people had sent naked sexting pics to someone they knew or people they had never met before. From the information provided by the study it was estimated that half of the United States citizens had used their phones for sexting pics, videos, or e-mails.

Out of all the United States population 50% confessed to saving sexted photos or sharing them with friends. Among adolescents this has caused reports of harassment and bullying. Teens are using these pictures for more than just a thrill, they are using them as a break up weapon. Sexts can also be used as items of revenge, if one person angers or embarrasses another sharing pictures of a sexual and private nature is the fastest way to get back at someone.

Surprisingly, more than 15% of people had sexy sexting pics sent to complete strangers claiming it was all for fun. A large portion of the people who participated in these studies never considered what the strangers intentions may have been. The average age group to partake in sexting were adults between the ages of 18 and 24.

Based off a study given in December 2013, men were more likely to send suggestive pictures than women. Guys sexting pics seems to be more common, with 61% of men and 48% of women having admitted to engaging in real sexting pics.

Technology is the number one leading cause of this expanding sexting fad, everyday technology makes it easier for people to interact socially for example, people can now be caught sexting pics through Tumblr. The internet and the ever-advancing smart devices have enabled people to send and receive pictures within an instant. Not only can you send still pictures, but new applications are being created constantly to make the act of seeing someone as easy as pressing the call button.

Along with the nude sexting pics and text messages, the internet has come up with multiple different avenues, such as e-mail, text, online messengers, or video messages. Having smartphones and numerous forms of social media websites amateur sexting pics can be sent with just a few simple clicks.

Devised from a multitude of different studies, the age group making up the general median of texting are teens. Thousands of messages are sent everyday, based off of a study in 2013 if a child is texting more than 100 times in a day it is probable that they are sexting photos.

Kids sexting pics have grown due to the explosion of technology and everything becoming effortless. More than half of the population agrees that they would rather chat through instant messages then talk on the phone. Texting gives them the freedom to talk with friends and family while they explore other resources on their phone like facebook or Instagram.

A 2008 study concluded middle school sexting pics are becoming common, 20% of students who had a text capable phone stated they had received boyfriend or girlfriend sexting pics within the last 6 months and 5% reported sending sext pics in the last 6 months. Students who participated in this study stated they were involved or had been involved in a sexually active relationship. The relationships did not last long and in worst case scenarios ended with someone sexting pics leaked.

However, adults in committed relationships reported that they sent racy photos back and forth with their spouse to increase romance in their marriage or relationship. Studies have shown how this is the best sexting pics example since the outcome seems enhance the sexual aspect of adult interactions.

The Hidden Dangers of Sexting Pics

By sexting pics with someone else you are practically giving them rights to do whatever they choose with it. The way the world works now, nothing is private and free sexting pics may get your private photos spread across the internet freeway within seconds causing unwanted publicity.

In 2012 the Internet Website Foundation found that 88% of all self-created nude pics were stolen sexting pics from the location of where they were uploaded. Social media sites make it all too easy for people to find hacked sexting pics and “share” them as they please. Photos can be broadcasted across websites of every kind, especially, pornographic sites that have photos of young children and adults. Young sexting pics are illegal and are considered child pornography.

Teens and tweens will usually engage in sexting before deciding whether or not to take the next step in their relationship. The problem is that photos of this nature are more than likely going to be saved and these sexts can be used as blackmail to force someone into sending more. Sexting porn pics is a risk that could end with a persons private life being shared in order to embarrass or humiliate, the risks are endless.

The University of Utah did a study amongst young adults ages 14 to 18 to see how they thought or felt about sexting. A third of these teens did not contemplate the possible legal issues that could arise from distributing sexually explicit pics of themselves. High school sexting pics are the most commonly discussed subject since this is the gray area where a young teen becomes an adult.

Sexting Pics and Child Pornography

The United States has very strict laws against child pornography and with more and more children and young adults engaging in this act there have been numerous charges of child pornography distribution and possession. Creating a dispute among many parents and others since these laws were designed in regards to the illegal distribution of stolen or forced photographed child nudity.

On the same note having a photo of sexual intentions sent between any party who did not give consent can be labeled as sexual harassment. The laws pertaining to child pornography are designed to prevent the exploitation of children. Therefore, many people feel that the legal consequences of jailbait sexting pics are held in too harsh of terms.

Depending on the jurisdiction, being convicted of exploiting children can result in five or more years in a federal prison and/or being forced to register as a sex offender. Many people feel that sexting is a sexual act and should be treated as so, if it is consensual and they are of age there should be no penalty.

Since 2007 there have been many children, young adults, and even school staff who were charged with possession or distribution of child pornography. Some states have decided to put out bills reducing the current consequences of sexting. In Vermont lawmakers produced a bill legalizing sexting among 13 to 18 year olds, as long as everything is consensual.

Sexting Pics and Politics

On June 23, 2011 congressman Anthony Weiner sexting pics scandal cost him more than some bad publicity it ended with his official resignation from office. After being involved in a very publicized sexting scandal where he admitted to sending a 21 year old girl a link through the social media site Twitter. The link contained a sexually suggestive picture of himself which he tried to deny sending, but after a long battle with the media he confirmed that he had sent the linked picture.

Not only did he come out about the sexted pic he also stated that he had traded pictures with many women through the course of his marriage. He did, however, deny to ever meeting with these women or engaging in physical intercourse with them. July 2013, after deciding to return to the political world, a second scandal came about with more pictures and more women. Anthony Weiner again admitted to sexting women during the time of his resignation.

He ended up finishing fifth in the New York City mayoral race despite all the accusations and people telling him he needed to step down. The U.S. Congress felt his presence attracted bad publicity and they believed he reacted in an unprofessional and dishonest manner. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, even spoke out on the subject saying that if he was Anthony Weiner he would resign.

Most citizens felt that Weiner needed to step down, but there was a large part of the population that felt the sexts were inappropriate but, not illegal. The rest of the population had no opinion on the matter or were unsure. In the end, Anthony Weiner did resign due to sexting scandals.

Sexting Pics: Accepted by Society?

Recently, in 2014 hundreds of celebrity sexting pics were leaked from the Cloud causing a riot among the public. Obviously there were perverted people out there ecstatic about the hack, but most of the population was in an uproar. Later it was found that the person who leaked these images was only 15 years old.

Now, that says a lot about how far technology has come and how children are gaining the most from it. Celebrities are known for putting their life out for the public to see, but just like any other human beings, they should have the right to have their private information stored and protected without the prying eyes of others.

We all know that is not going to happen, there are always new pictures and videos being leaked and broadcasted to the media. This just goes to prove nothing is secret or safe in the realm of social media and websites. If a 15 year old can break through the security of the Cloud what is to stop someone else from using the glitch to their advantage and stealing identities.

When it comes down to it sexting is becoming more and more accepted by society. There are new laws and regulations being created just to handle the issues relating to sexually suggestive photos among adolescence and young adults. Though it is still illegal for anyone over the age to send and receive sexually explicit pictures to adolescents, it does not help the fact that we are practically telling our children it’s okay.

Teen pregnancy has been covered by numerous reports and studies, but how are we helping to prevent the growing phenomenon of teen parents if we continue to enable them. There are plenty of opinions that go along with this subject and the most important ones have to deal with safety. We want our children to be safe and protected in the real world, simple as that.

What better way to protect our children then to educate them, sit down with them until they understand their actions and the possible consequences of those actions. Sending and receiving sexually suggestive photos can result in unwanted attention, sexual harassment, legal issues, and of course, bullying.

Have you or someone you know been harmed by sexting pics? Share your experiences below!

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