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What Is Self Awareness ?

The importance of self awareness cannot be stated enough. If you are not aware of your own self, then it is difficult to understand how what they say is understood by others. Even if what you say sounds like it makes perfect sense and that you are a perfectly sensible person, everyone else may think otherwise! Anyway, in this article, we are going to discuss what being self aware means, how you can be self aware, and how you can improve your self awareness. Make sure to take some notes now!

Self awareness definition

One of the first things that we must do is define self aware and define self awareness. The definition of self awareness as described in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is as follows:
“knowledge and awareness of your own personality or character”
While the definition of self aware is as follows:
“Aware of oneself, including one’s traits, feelings, and behaviors.”

Cultural self awareness

A first big step in attaining the perfect level of self awareness is to work on improving it in the context of your and other people’s cultures. A lot of the time, people will have relatively poor awareness of culture as it exists outside of their own cultural bubble. With this being the case, it causes cultural immaturity, where a person struggles later in life accepting or understanding cultures that are not the same as their own. In an increasingly multi-cultural society, having a good understanding of other cultures goes a long way – not only in your social life, but also having a strong career. You are going to have to be able to work with people in other cultures, so if you can’t identify with them, it becomes more and more difficult for you to make business connections that will last a lifetime.

Cultural identity has made a huge splash in recent years, so there are a lot of people who may find it difficult to cope with that. It is not necessarily the case that this person does not want to adapt to society mixing cultures at an increasing pace – far from it! A lot of people actively try to involve themselves in the process, but there are a lot of things that hold them back. Most notably, upbringing can make it rather difficult for a person to adapt if raised in a certain environment. In certain areas for example, a white kid growing up will usually interact with other white people, and typically the same kinds of cultures. It can be a rather huge culture shock for people who became exposed to other cultures later in life!

On the other hand, there are people who legitimately try to avoid being a part of the progress towards a mixed culture society. Much like the people who try and struggle to adapt to it, these people typically are raised in a single-cultural upbringing, preventing them from really getting a good grasp on other cultures. It is especially the case if the parents are particularly against it. This is often the result of bigotry, either a fear or dislike of different cultures, or often the fear or dislike of other races. Not only can these attitudes hold people back in society and prevent them from being considered “relevant,” the dismissal of multi-culturalism can be hurtful to people from other cultures.

Emotional self awareness

Emotional intelligence self awareness is quite an important thing to have. Without it, a person often winds up saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things, which might lead to hurt feelings in other people. Informing one’s self about how people may feel about something you do, say, or think can help you to become a better person overall, as well as make people feel better about being around you as well as in general.

A good example of poor emotional self awareness is if you were in a conversation, and just up and told them that their voice was grating, and that you wish they had a better accent. Not only is this very disrespectful to this person, they can just as easily turn it around on you and point out things that annoy them about you. This can leave for an awkward situation, and if it’s someone you are close to, this can lead to you having really hurt and raw feelings and possibly end up with the friendship being ruined. A simple slip up can be all that it takes to ruin a perfectly great friendship. It’s all about trust, and if you treat someone impolitely like that, it can resonate with them and make them feel betrayed.

Self awareness and leadership

Self awarness is an important thing to have when in a leadership position. Self awareness in leadership is one of the things you need to be able to trust that a leader has, after all. It’s important to look at one’s self and make sure that everything that you, as a leader, are expecting of your followers are things that you are holding yourself too as well. If you can’t look at how you talk, act, and behave from the outside in, how can you know that you’re following it? Having good self awareness helps improve your ability to hold yourself up to your own standards,

Self injury awareness day

For people in the know, they may be asking “when is self harm awareness day?” while people who have never even heard of it will just ask “what is it?” Well, the answer to that question is that self injury awareness day is a globally-celebrated designed to increase awareness of the problem of self injury among people. The ultimate goal of this day is to try and reduce self injury, as well as create a warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere for people who deal with self injury problems. Often, self injury can be the product of abuse from authority figures, psychological issues that are not properly dealt with (often due to lack of funding for treatment), troubles connecting with other people, and many other reasons. Ultimately, the organizers of this grassroots campaign hope to solve the root problem so that self injury can no longer be a problem anywhere in the world. The awareness campaign takes place March 1 of every year. You can go online to find more information about the event, and perhaps even volunteer to work on helping others cope with their problems or help with setting up an event in your area.

Self awareness activities

Self awareness activities and self awareness exercises are important things to try out for just about anyone. A good self awareness activity – one that you can do without much effort at all – is to put yourself in the shoes of people of a different culture or perhaps mindset. Considering the kinds of abuse or mistreatment that those people receive can help you better empathize, which is a very valuable quality in life, as it allows you to understand pain from many angles, so that you can respond by offering support for those in pain and try to make the world a better place overall. There are even some self awareness games that you can play to help you understand certain conditions that people suffer.

A common problem that a lot of people face in their every day life is depression. People often dismiss it as certain people being over emotional or lazy, when in reality it is a very real disease. To help understand what people with depression go through, you can download and play the free video game “Depression Quest” by indie designer Zoe Quinn. It is a game made from her personal experiences as a person who suffers from depression, so it can do a lot of good to help you understand the affliction for the better of everyone else.

Hopefully you can take these ideas and make self awareness worksheets that you can share with friends and family, so that you can show them some self awareness examples and perhaps help them with gaining self awareness. You can also find a self awareness test and self aware games online.

In closing

Now that you have read through this article, we hope that you have a better understanding of the self awareness meaning and the self aware definition. Do you have any self awareness quotes that you have heard? Or maybe a self awareness synonym? How about a self awareness theory that you have always wanted to share? Well, don’t just sit there – share them! The importance of self awareness cannot be understated, and it is something that every person should learn at one point or another while growing up. Just make sure that you never gain a lack of self awareness – you always want to be aware that you are being self aware!

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