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Psychological Bullying

Psychological Bullying

Psychological bullying is often difficult to ignore. Bullies torment their victims in many ways. Tormenting them is not enough, they have to humiliate them and ridicule their victims as well. Bullies use words to destroy their victims, and these words can hurt worse than a physical blow. People often say, “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt”. In today’s society, this phrase is simply not true. Words do hurt, and they do destroy lives. Psychological bullying destroys the character of their victim. The bully makes the victim the center of his abuse. In other words, the bully takes his or her anger and frustration out on the victim.

Bullying is a Pattern

If the bully is being bullied at home or verbally abused, the bully will most likely repeat the pattern at school. Bullies are not allowed to be happy or comfortable at home. In fact, the bully could be the object of physical, verbal and emotional abuse at home. Children are not born to be bullies; they are made to be bullies. The environment a child grows up in, and the way the perceive themselves, makes them to become the kind of person they are. Bullies have self esteem problems.

They don’t think too highly of themselves, because their parents or other family members at home may not think too highly of them either. Psychological bullying is mean and spiteful, and it really does hurt. It is mental and emotional abuse. Bullies who mentally abuse their victims are being or have been emotionally hurt by others. There is a pattern or a cycle to bullying that cannot be ignored. For example, children who have been abused, will more than likely abuse their children, whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally. The same is true for physiological bullying.

Bullies are Made

Since bullies are made, and not born. Society and home must take responsibility for helping to create bullies. Physiological bullies make fun of any and everything, pertaining to their victims. They will joke about their hair, their glasses or the kind of clothes they wear. Anything that the bully can use to bring open shame and public disgrace to their victim becomes a weapon to the bully. Even a person’s lifestyle, race and religion come under attack. The bully isn’t happy nor does the bully feel empowered, working alone. The bully has to incorporate others into the physiological abuse. This may include the victim’s friends, peers and total strangers.

The more humiliation the bully inflicts on his or her victims the stronger the bully feels. The worse the victim feels the better the bully feels. The bully may also spread lies and rumors about their victims. The victim may or may not know that the bully is behind the lies, until it’s the damage has already been done. Psychological bullying can destroy the victim, cause the victim to drop out of school or commit suicide. The sad truth is psychological bullying gets worse, as the bully gets older. There is the possibility of that bullies will get more abusive, as they get older. The bully may become more physically, emotionally and verbally abusive. Physiological bullying can lead to anxiety, depression, alcoholism, panic disorders and sleepless nights. Bullying victims are traumatized. The effects of being bullied for years are devastating. Children who are bullied grow up to become bullies, if no one steps in and help them with counseling, or emotional support. Depending on the mindset of the victim, the victim may fight back in a way that is destructive and damaging. Ways that will have lifelong consequences such as homicide.

Bullies Need Help Too

Many victims feel like they can’t and won’t take another day of being bullied. They make up their minds to free themselves from their bullies. The way they choose is not the best solution, but to them it is the only solution. Parents, teachers and others in authority can nip bullying in the bud, before it gets out of control. Bullies target others that are weak, fragile, and quiet and none threatening. Bullies are careful to target the right victims. Bullies are looking for attention. They themselves are lacking compassion, empathy, love and understanding. Although, bullying is never justified; the bully is in pain too.

What is mental bullying definition to you? how would you write down the mental bullying definition? weigh in with your opinion on Psychological Bullying below. Help us spread awareness on Psychological Bullying now!

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