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Overcoming Depression

Often victims of bullying suffer from depression. In fact, depression in children, teens and adults makes its more likely that they will be bullied. There are different types of bullying that victims can suffer from . There is direct bullying from groups or individuals which involves face to face confrontation and online bullying through email and on social networks. Often this results in depression. Learn more on Overcoming Depression!

Still depression is often a common problem in teens and young adults where no bullying is involved. Finding ways to overcome depression using different techniques helps to build self esteem. First start small by doing small tasks like taking a short walk or calling a friend just to talk. The person’s energy may be low but they can start by doing something small. Even doing housework around the house like cleaning is way to start to improve their mood.

For children or teens confiding in a teacher or even a family member is a place to start. It is important to have someone to talk to. Join a club or social organization at school or in the community to get involved with . It can be a sport, social service organization, or music group.

Try to change your thinking by thinking outside of yourself. This means be aware of what you think and try to replace your negative thoughts with more positive statements. Don’t be a perfectionist try to allow yourself to make mistakes. Everyone fails and does not perform well all the times.

Keep a negative thought log so you can identify them. In the notebook write down the thoughta and what incident or feelings trigger these thoughts. Review this notebook when you feel calm. Ask yourself if there is another way to view the situation.

Try to focus on a routine to take care of yourself. If possible try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Try to get some sunlight because a lack of sunlight can lead to depression. Take a short walk outside at work if you can and enjoy the scenery. Sit on a bench in the park for a few minutes even in the colder weather.

Another technique to overcome depression is to try relaxation exercises like yoga, deep breathing, or mediation. If you like animals think about adopting a dog or cat. There are many animals that are looking for homes. Caring for a pet can get someone outside of themselves. Often you can get exercise when you have to walk the dog and you will often meet other people.

Force yourself to do things that you enjoy. If you like to walk find time during the week to go to different locations to do this. Read a good book or watch a movie that you enjoy. Listen to music or take a long hot shower or bath. Go out to a coffee shop and have a gourmet cup of coffee. To overcome depression takes effort. Even shopping at the mall can be a positive experience.

Getting regular exercise helps with depression. Exercise to a very good way to relieve depression. Take the stairs at work or when you go out instead of the elevator. Walk at work or after work in a place that is public and safe. Ride a bike or take a swimming class at the YMCA. Any type of exercise that you like to do helps depression.

Exercise is a great antidepressant that helps maintain a good or stable mood. Even walking for 10 minutes a day can improve for mood for a few hours. Choose exercise that you enjoy that is rhythmatic like walking, swimming, biking, or dancing. Adding a mental exercise to walking like repeating a positive affirmation can helps improve its effectiveness.

Another tactic to overcome depression is to eat healthy. Eat three regular meals and don’t skip any. Not eating can make you tired and irritable so strive to eat every three to four hours. Reduce the amount of sugar and starch in your diet. Eat less cake, cookies and bread. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables , whole grains, beans, lean meats, chicken, and fish. Taking a good multivitamin also helps.

Sometime getting professional help is needed to overcome depression. Professional counseling and medications can help with overcoming depression that ordinary measures do not really help. When someone suffers from serious depression this type of treatment may be needed. If your child or teen needs professional help talk with your doctor, or school to get help.

Understand more on teens and depression! And spread the word on Overcoming Depression!

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