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Mental Bullying

Mental Bullying

Bullying is bullying, whether it’s done through physical attacks or through verbal innuendos. Children can be very cruel to each other, without realizing it. Millions of children are being victimized each day, by their peers. They are being tormented, by name calling, sly remarks, and negative put downs. Sticks and stones really do break bones, and words do hurt. Calling someone names, telling them they are stupid or worthless, is exactly what bullies tell their victims. Bullying causes low self esteem, and eventually it leads to self destruction, suicide or worse, homicide. Learn about Mental Bullying Now!

Mental bullying is actually a form of mental abuse, because the victim is hurt emotionally. Bullies use several familiar techniques to isolate and torment their victims. These techniques might not seem like bullying but they are, and they usually leave devastating after effects behind. Here are a few methods bullies use to mentally and emotionally destroy their victims.

Mental Bullying Techniques

TeasingBullies like to pick on children that smaller than they are. This is probably the smartest child in the classroom or perhaps the smallest. Bullies make it a point to isolate children during recess time. They exclude their victims from outside activities and forbid anyone else from accepting them. This type of mental bullying is very abusive. The victims are forced to stand around and watch all the other children run around the playground, having fun and making loud noises. Bullies also like to make fun of children who are different. Bullies might single out children that wear glasses, braces, hearing aids or non name brand clothes. Bullies are very cruel. Bullying is often carried out by children with low self esteem.

Rumors– Spreading lies or rumors about someone is very hurtful. This type of mental bullying, usually push most children over the edge. The bully is obsessed with making his or her victims life a living nightmare. Everyone the victims go, children are laughing at them, and pointing their fingers. This is very degrading and humiliating. Mental bullying really crosses the line, and should be reported. Many children try to hurt themselves, because of the pressures at school. It is difficult for most children to go to school day after day, and face the same torment over and over again. To the victims it is a punishment, that they can no longer take, and to ease their pain they take matters into their own hands. Some victims attempt to take their own life, while other victims choose to take the life of their bully.

Put Downs- Negative put downs are very damaging to the emotional well being of children, who are being bullied. Bullies tell their victims they are stupid, worthless and ugly. Although, these accusations are not true, the victims might take these words to heart. Verbal put downs, are very hurtful and shameful. Victims often feel alone, isolated and confused. Sometimes the bullies might get other children to call their victims names as well. It is difficult for children to face such abuse on a regular basis, and not be affected.

Working Together to Stop Mental Bullying

Too many parents and school officials are not aware of what is going on. Children don’t always tell their parents or their teachers, what they are going through. When parents and teachers know what is happening to victims of bullies that can counteract. Parents can work together with their child’s teacher to put an end to bullying. Teachers can also device a plan of action inside the classroom. When bullies are confronted and exposed, they usually get angry and they themselves are ashamed.

Schools can educate their teachers and other children on the signs of bullying. They can offer training to their teachers on how to recognize bullying, and how to stop it. Schools can also implement an open door policy, for children to go to any classroom, or administration office and report bullies. Schools should work harder to confront and eradicate bullies. Too many children drop out of school, due to bullies.

Bullies love being in control of other people lives. They love being the center of attention. As long as they have this type of control on their victims, bullies will continue to be in charge. There are various techniques parents, teachers and other students can use to disarm a bully. This is where the school takes charge of the situation, by implementing programs, educating staff and enforcing strict bullying policies.

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