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Understanding the Introverted Personality


Being Introverted – Make it Work for You

You know them, you’ve met them, and you might be one yourself. Since they are so often misunderstood and their behaviors can come across as shy, insecure, eccentric, anti-social, or reserved, so individuals with introverted personalities are often misunderstood. However, you need to see that being an introvert is not a bad thing.

Many famous individuals have or have been deemed introverted people. Albert Einstein, Marilynn Monroe and Keith Ledger were introverts.  As is Johnny Depp, J.K. Rowling and Bill Gates, and who wouldn’t want to have their fame and recognition? Abraham Lincoln was also an introverted person, so if you are an introvert, you are in very good company.

What does introverted mean? When you look to define introverted, you will find more than one answer. There is a common notion that introverts are shy and withdrawn and the definition of introvert at indicates just that, but that is not really the case. When looking a little further you will find that the Urban dictionary supports this line of thinking, as do others, as a myth that needs to be understood by those who are introverts, as well as with extroverts who interact with them.

Are You an Introvert?

What are some of the characteristics of introverted people? Some behavioral indicators of those with an introverted personality follow.

  • Do people tell you that you are shy and need to come out of your shell?
  • Is small talk burdensome to you?
  • Do you prefer socializing in small groups and shun larger gatherings?
  • Do friends and acquaintances say that you are intense?
  • Are you detail orientated?
  • Do you prefer low-key environments that lack a lot of extra stimulation?
  • Are you are easily overstimulated by excessive interaction with people, especially in an environment that has a high level of stimulation to begin with?
  • Do you screen all of your phone calls, preferring to deal with callers on your time, when you are mentally prepared to deal with a conversation?
  • Are you comfortable with your own company?

If any of these attributes are a part of your personality, then you might be an introvert, and you need to embrace it. Don’t fight it; use this knowledge to become the person you are meant to be. Our differences are what define us, and knowing what your differences are, compared to other people will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Understanding your Introverted Personality

Introverted people generally do not go out to connect with people. However, they will join friends at an event, but going there to make friends is not there goal. Extroverts, on the other hand love the limelight.  It is not that introverts do not enjoy the company of others; it is that they prefer the company of small groups. Groups made up of people that they know and are comfortable with.

What some fail to understand, is that just because a person retreats from other people, does not mean that they do not like them, or want to be around them, it is what is necessary for them to recharge. They have an inherent necessity to be alone with their own thoughts and ideas, because this is where they gain their energy. Extroverts draw energy from a crowd, in direct contrast of introverts.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)

This pertains to ones understanding of how the world works through internal intuitive analysis. Introverted intuition does not depend on the visual world; it pertains to gut feelings and intuition to form an opinion of a situation. The will build an internal map, which they adjust and adapt overtime, giving them a big picture view of the situation. They tend to have heightened senses regarding someone’s tone of voice, body language or understanding of what is not spoken. Like introverted sensing, introverted intuition builds on knowledge of past events and how they worked or didn’t work. (

Introverted Sensing (Si)

Introverted sensing is how the brains of some individuals store and process information, using it to compare and contrast current situations with similar ones. The process can trigger the brain when seeing someone that associate their characteristics with someone that we know. Those with strong inverted sensing can show great attention to detail and can easily get a clear view of their objectives. They will also call draw on information that is well known and historically viable maintaining the flow of customs that keep civilization and culture moving forward. (

Introverted Thinking (Ti)

A function of thinking that is inward and logical. People with this trait want the world to be orderly and logical and seeks to create a base of knowledge that is interconnected. They are good at troubleshooting and seeing the commonalities between things that seem unrelated. Those who are prone to introverted thinking also strive for efficiency and they can become frustrated when things are not going as planned. They may take a little longer to understand a problem, because they want to understand of the facets of the problem before they make fully get the picture. (

Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Introverted feeling relates to a person’s individual beliefs and feelings and can be deep and complex. They tend to be on a quest of who they are, what they want from life, want to express themselves and want to affect the world around them. They can be stubborn about trying new things, and may shut down if things are not going in a direction with which they agree. Developing close attachments to people, places and things, they form these bonds slowly and carefully.  (

Cultivate your Talents

As you can see, being an introvert is not a bad thing; it can’t be, because introverts make up over half of the population. (Psychology Today, 2012) Those who are introverts can use their talents to better themselves if they can learn to develop them. Many careers fit introverted personalities perfectly. They require the analytic skills, and attention to detail that is exhibited by introverts.

Careers that Suit Introverted People

Networking to find the perfect position is not a good choice for introverts. They find networking to be an excruciating exercise in futility that does not work for them. However, Human resources managers, career sources, and employers don’t consider the needs of individuals based on their needs and tend to group all of us together. Some employers perform personality tests on prospective employees to determine their fit in the organization.

If you understand that you are an introvert, then you will have a realization of your strengths and weaknesses regarding employment. Some jobs will suit your reserved, thoughtful nature.

  • Archivist – Take care of the maintenance of archived material for a museum, non-profit, or auction house. Most of your time will be spent working with thing, not people.
  • Court Reporter – This job requires high attention to detail and accuracy. Although your time may be spent in a courtroom or law office, your direct contact with people is minimal.
  • Social Media Manager – Ironically, you can be active in social media but still spend most of your time alone in your office interacting with others electronically and not face to face.
  • Paralegal – Much of your time will be spent doing research for your employer. An attention to detail and accuracy is required and introverted people will fit well in this environment.
  • Elevator Installer Operator – Again you will be working with things, not people and the pay for these jobs is excellent.
  • Financial Analyst – The detail-oriented nature of the introverted is perfect. If you are also good with numbers and have the patience for lengthy, complicated spreadsheets, then an analyst job will suit you well.

Embrace your Introverted Self and Grow

Once you realize that being introverted is an asset and not a liability you will be better able to understand yourself. You will also be able to help others understand that your withdrawal is not due to depression, but just the opposite. Your withdrawal means that you will be recharged and ready to play and socialize when the time presents itself. You can take a quick and Myers Briggs Type indicator test here, to determine if your personality type, so that you have a better understanding of yourself, as well as those whose personalities differ from yours.

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