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How to Beat Depression

Everyone has those days when you feel down, but when the days stretch into weeks, and you just feel helpless, that is when it is possible you have depression. It is a common illness, and nothing to be ashamed of. Many people have dealt with it in their lives, and most of those have overcome it (or at least been able to cope) and prospered. Here is How to Beat Depression!

Just as there are many potential causes of depression, both psychiatric and physical, there are many ways to deal with it. The base problem is your body or brain has somehow got out of tune with a ‘normal’ rhythm, and needs to be ‘reset’. If you know the root cause of your depression, it makes it easier to treat (such as iron supplements for anemia), but often the causes are multiple or hard to trace. This is where general steps can be taken that work for almost all cases. It may take time, but these methods can produce noticeable results. Drugs are a solution (or part of the treatment) for some people, but it is possible to get yourself back on track without relying on a prescription.

How to Beat Depression: Eat Good

Face it, most people rely too much on fast food, pre-packaged dinners, or even skip meals. This means your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, and vitamin pills are not the best solution. Eating a balanced, healthy diet will not only improve your mood, but it has other health benefits that you would be crazy to pass up.

How to Beat Depression: Slow Down

Stress and depression can be linked, and the modern society is full to the seams with stresses. Learn to not worry about things you cannot change, and cut as many stressful activities out as you can – easier said than done, I know, but it is possible. If you have problems with an early morning commute and end up frazzled when you get to work just in time, maybe you should leave home half an hour early, avoid the traffic, and have a relaxing trip to work. When you manage your stress better, you are on track to beat depression.

How to Beat Depression: Be Organized

Depression leads you to not want to do things, and if you had structure in your life before, you tend to lose it all afterward, with all your days melting into the next in a never ending blurry slump. Putting structure back into your life has multiple benefits, and while it may not work for everyone, a sense of order can be soothing for many. Set a schedule for waking, getting dressed, eating, traveling, relaxing and sleeping. Try to stick to it at the weekends too, and avoid the tendency to slob around on Saturday and Sunday.

How to Beat Depression: Sleep!

Depression can mess up your sleep cycle, but if you can get a good nights sleep it can do wonders for your mood. Keeping to a good sleep routine can be difficult, but worth the effort if you want to help beat the depression you are suffering from. Try to avoid things that distract you when in the bedroom (no TV, for example), and just concentrate on relaxing. Sleep is the time when your body recuperates and best heals itself, so give your body the time it needs.

How to Beat Depression: Exercise

I can hear the groans already. I don’t mean prepare to run a marathon or become the worlds strongest man, but just get a little more activity in your life. Exercise causes the body to make endorphins, a feel-good chemical, and leads to other benefits too. Walk up stairs instead of using the elevator, park your car further from your destination (you may find it easier to get a space too) and walk the rest of the way. On your work breaks, take a stroll round the building. There are lots of ways to get a little more active, and exercise will make you feel happier.

How to Beat Depression: Get Some Sun

Sunlight is great at boosting peoples moods, which is why those who work cooped up inside all day, or have long, dull winters are more prone to depression. Some have said getting even just an extra fifteen minutes of sunshine in your day can help your mood. So combine this with the exercise routine, and get out and enjoy the benefits of our nearest star. You do not even need to exercise to get the benefits either – just sit down outside for part of your lunch break and catch a few rays.

How to Beat Depression: Set Goals

When you are feeling low, it can be difficult to get motivated to do things. To combat this, set daily goals or create To-Do lists. It doesn’t have to be huge steps to start with, just simple tasks like doing dishes or personal grooming that you can achieve and feel good about completing. As you start to feel more yourself, add to the list until you are happy setting stretch goals and achieving them regularly.

How to Beat Depression: Stay Positive

Depressed people get a lot of negative thoughts that drag them down, but focusing on positives and achievements is a counter to that. Be logical too – if you are down because you feel no-one likes you, sit there and list your friends. If the answer is more than zero, logically your feeling was wrong.

How to Beat Depression: Do Something New

If you are down and feel things are going nowhere, find somewhere to take them. Do something new, set yourself a challenge. It does not have to be huge like completing your college degree, it could be as simple as going to a friends house to play cards or going to look round a nearby historic site. Do whatever interests you that you have not done before (or for a while), and help yourself to a new, fun experience.

Fun, Fun, Fun

There are always things that you enjoy doing, even if you cannot think of them right now. But finding something that you like to do, is fun and even relaxing, is a great way to remove stress and fight depression. Read a good book, watch a movie, go for a walk, play a game of tennis, go window shopping – the list is endless. Just make time to do what you love, even if it is in short spells, and find ways to enjoy yourself and beat depression.

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