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How Can You Stop Bullying – Three Proven Ways That Work

how to get rid of bullies

When you are threatened by a bully, you may have physical, emotional, or mental harm come to you. This is when you should know how can you stop bullying and guarantee you are safe from all the different aspects of harm which the bully is trying to bring to you. When you use three of the proven ways to stop the bully, you will start to notice they are not going to bully you as often, but also will start to show you some respect, which can help bolster your confidence when you have to confront the bully.

1. Look the bully in the eye and tell them to stop bullying you.

By looking the bully in the eye, you are making eye contact with them, which is something which most bullies try to avoid happening, but you also are showing the bully you are not afraid of them. However, you are also going to get your point across that what the bully is doing to you is not something you like and should be stopped to avoid hurting your feelings or body and this is one way on how can you stop bullying.

Sometimes you may find a lot of tension between you and the bully when you tell them to stop. When this tension is present, you may have to take and start laughing a little bit. When you laugh, it will ease the tension and help to keep the bully from taking an action which you do not want to have happen.

You may even be tempted to yell at the bully when they are picking on you and you are telling them to stop, but this is a mistake. You want to keep an even voice and not raise your voice at all. When you raise your voice, it is only going to add stress to the situation.

2. Avoid Teasing The Bully Back

You may think teasing the bully back will get him or her to stop picking on you, but this typically is not the case. When you start to tease the bully back, they tend to see this as you wanting to pick a fight with them. Since they see it as picking a fight with them, you may end up in a physical altercation with the bully and this is the one aspect which you want to avoid when dealing with a way on how can you stop bullying.

When you are talking to the bully, you may want to tell them you do not like being called what they are calling you. By doing this, you are going to show them you do not like it, but also show them that you are better than they are by not picking back at them. If you do decide to pick back at the bully, they could take offense to what you are saying and end up giving it right back to you, but even worse than what you dished out.

3. Walk Away From The Bully

Sometimes people, bullies especially, do not get the point that you are done talking to them and do not want to be picked on anymore. When it reaches this point, you should turn around and simply walk away from the bully. By walking away from the bully, you are getting out of the situation before it gets out of hand, but also getting away from what the bully is doing to you. By walking away you are effectively doing one of the best things on how can you stop bullying,

Please note if the bully decides to follow you, it may prove to be a good idea to walk towards some type of authority figure. Typically when you are heading towards an authority figure, the bully will peel back from his insults and other attacks he is lobbing towards you and leave you alone to guarantee you get the peace you want to have.

Bullies are hard to deal with and typically they do say a lot of mean and hateful things towards people. However, if you know how can you stop bullying, you will find it is easier to deal with a bully than just getting picked on all the time. The issue a lot of people have to face is they are not aware of how they can deal with a bully and end up getting hurt by the bully physically or mentally. By having these three methods to fall back on, you can easily beat the bully at his own game and know his or her words or actions will not harm you anymore.

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