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Helping a Bullying Victim, A Quick Guide

How Can you help a Bullying Victim, A Quick Guide

What Can Victims Do to Protect Themselves? Helping a Bullying Victim is essential!

First of all, what can you do in Helping a Bullying Victim ?

Be available to listen to what the victim has to say; don’t lecture or scold or blame—just listen. If necessary, refer the person to professional counseling.

Tell the victim you will go with him/her to report the incident(s). Sometimes having someone along will make all the difference in the world.

As much as possible, take measures to counter-act instances of bullying and cyber bullying. If people are ganging up on someone at a social media site, for example, voice an objection or, better yet, write something positive to the victim.

It’s not enough to say you don’t ever cyber bully anyone—stand up for those who are cyber bullied and challenge those who participate in such unacceptable behaviours.

Offer to do something positive with the victim. Sometimes taking their minds off the abusive nonsense can help a great deal. This is because cyber bullying, for example, can be a 24/7, ubiquitous type of abuse. You can always get away from bullies once you leave the streets or school but, as for cyber bullies, well, they can always be around.

Then again, suggest to any victim of cyber bullying that they change passwords, stop using any social media where abuse has taken place, strive not to give information over the internet that may later lead to people finding out where they live, what their email address is, or where they attend school.

By all means, encourage a victim of cyber bullying to report instances of abuse to school officials, phone companies, utilities, local anti-abuse groups and agencies, and, if necessary, law enforcement authorities.

In many cases, bullying and cyberbullying are crimes that can be punished with jail time, fines, and other types of punishment. Don’t just assume, as many people wrongly do, that the law cannot help.

In the UK, as well as in the US, there are statutes, policies and laws already in place with which to combat both bullying and cyber bullying. The authorities, however, are not “mind” readers and cannot fight/prosecute crime or breaches of social norms unless they know about them.

So who is the victim? We tell you all about it.  Spread the word about Helping a bullying victim Now!

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