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Helping the Bully Victim Survive and Heal- Part I

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Children and adults alike may at times be not resilient enough to ignore the bullying they get from other people, be it through real life encounters or through places like the internet. The sad thing though is that sometimes, others would just take bullying as a fad, a momentary event that can happen to anyone and will cease once other people’s interest in the victim ceases as well. What most people probably fail to realize is that bullying, especially cyber bullying, is not an “in” thing particularly when its effects on the bully victim and everyone surrounding that person can be serious and lasting. Cyber bullying can arouse anger, embarrassment and fear in those who are bullied. It can even push them to isolate themselves from family and friends. And at extreme levels, cyber bullying can lead to suicide once the hurt feelings run very deep.

But bullied children and adults can also have limitless capacities to actually turn their horror stories into stepping stones for survival and recovery. The only thing that they may need from those who care about them is that they are given special attention so they can be helped in expressing all those hurts they are feeling inside. And once they are able to express these things, it will be easier for them to find ground to stand firmly on, cope up and move on from their experiences. This sounds like an easy feat because all it seems to take is to show that one is and will always be there for the bully victims. This can even give the impression that those who are truly concerned for the welfare of the bully victims should just simply be there for them ready to listen to their pains. However, giving comfort to these people may be difficult especially when they are unable to put into words the thoughts and feelings they have inside about the frightening incidents they’ve went through.

If this happens, recovery may take a long, long time.

In spite of this drawback though, there are still other means that can be done to help the bully victims heal from their pains. One of these means would be allowing them to draw their pains so they can tell their stories.

Yes, there are cases when a person’s drawings or sketches can reveal more about his feelings compared to what’s brought to surface by just speaking about such. This way, he is allowed to face his pains in a less threatening manner. You see, talking about the hurtful experiences that one has gone through might bring about a catharsis of emotions that may be difficult to handle for both bully victim and those who are trying to help him out with his pain. In the same way, asking the bully victims to reveal their agonies would just be like asking them to actually relive their nightmares. What’s unhealthy about this is that you might be driving them away from healing instead of helping them let go of things. With sketches and drawings however, all their pains are transformed into objects that may not be frightening for them, for after all, the drawings can help them objectify and place things in perspective. We say objectify because the bully victims will be seeing their pains in what have been drawn instead of just feeling their pains when verbalizing things. The bully victims will be able to look at their feelings as separate from their beings and thus can be processed, dealt with appropriately and released. They can see their experiences at a safe distance so they will not be overwhelmed by recounting the events.

But what is really with encouraging bullied children and adults to draw their stories? And how can drawing help out in their coping process? Check out Part II for more information. 

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